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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Christmas Mantle Tour

This is my homemade Christmas mantle. I have a burlap,typewriter, and sheet music theme. Check back for tutorials on all of the projects.

You might be wondering why my watermark on my photos says Farmhouse Couture? I have started a new decorating blog called Farmhouse Couture for my home decor projects and small painting and home sewing company. I'm working on my second commissioned piece and I have a ton of decorating ideas to blog about. But I want to keep this blog here more sewing focused since that was why I started it and I want to keep it a place for sewists to stop by and know they can read about sewing! If you are into home decor, particularly farmhouse style with a French twist stop by my new baby blog for a visit! And please follow if you like it! It's lonely over there!



  1. ooh, love it! definitely want to see those tutorials.

  2. Did you make the sheet music Christmas balls or buy those? If you made them I"d LOVE a tutorial. Those are just too cute. :]


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