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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mod Podged Sheet Music Covered Letters: A Christmas Craft Tutorial

I usually have some sort of garment I have sewn to show on Fridays but this week my garment was a disaster so I am posting a craft instead! You see, I post projects over at refashion coop . It's a great site where you can show off your refashioned clothing projects. I thought I had a super easy project which would knock everyone 's socks off. But as is often the case with projects I get too confident about, I was HUMBLED! 
I started with a turtleneck cashmere sweater from the thrift shop. I cut it into a cardigan. Then I blanket stitched the edges by hand. I didn't like that so I cut off the collar. Then I sewed chiffon ruffles to the edges and they got all stretched out. So I cut off the ruffles and sewed on vintage bias trim instead and the sweater got even more stretched out. To remedy this, I pulled elastic trim through the bias edging and, yikes! (You hopefully get the picture.)
 Finally, my 8 year old said, "Mommy maybe you should give up on this project. I don't think you can save it!" So countless hours later, I have a stretched out mess that I can wear around the house when I don't care about feeling frumpy. I won't dare take a picture of it, sorry! Suffice to say, it is burgundy.
On to today's craft tutorial!
Paper letters bought on sale at Joanns.
Vintage sheet music bought at a garage sale.
Mod Podge.

  1.  Tear up small pieces of sheet music. 
  2.  Mod Podge the pieces of music on to the letters.
  3. When the letters are all covered with sheet music and dry, paint Mod Podge all over the whole thing to seal your letters.

A wonderful Christmas decoration if I do say so myself!

P.S. This sheet music was dated 1909 so I felt really guilty about cutting it up but it was already torn. That is what I told myself,  anyway.

I hope any of you fellow sewists will stop by tomorrow to see who won my Burdastyle magazine and to post your projects on my sewing link up party.


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  1. What a wonderful project. I definitely want to give this a try. Another thing I love about it is it's something my 3 year old is not likely to break.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comments and for inviting me to your linky party on Saturday. I will try to join in if my little ones don't make me forget that I wanted to.

    I love your blog and all of your creativeness. I will be signing up as a follower and putting you on my blog roll so that I don't miss a post.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. So cute! And so funny, as I had just made copies of some pages from a hymn book, and I made them look kind of old with some brown stamp pad, and was going to put parts of them on a small piece of wood for a necklace - and here I come in to check my email - and find you are working with sheet music too! :) I really couldn't bring myself to use the 'real' hymnal pages I was given, so I just copy them over and over. This way I don't use them up! :) I'll have to go get some letters now!

  3. This is great - would look perfect on a mantle for the holidays!

  4. clever and so lovely!

    come visit anytime.



  5. This looks absolutely fantastic --- I understand the guilt of tearing the music, but you are keeping it alive as a new project. Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings, Becky

  6. Love this- how darling!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  7. Love this and how funny of your little one to say that, I too have made the mistake of thinking a refashion project was just a quick fix :)

    Not been sewing for a little while now but will be bringing out a previous project to share tomorrow with you x

  8. They have letters like this at the dollar store where I live. I am going to do this too. Thanks for the idea.

  9. I'd like to do this for my wedding. THANK U! <3


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