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Thursday, December 8, 2011

McCall's 5927

I found a lone curtain at the thrift shop for $1.50. It looked like a fifties Batik Tiki print so how could I pass it up? Surely I could fit it in my fabric bin ?
How do you like the naked Barbie up on the shelf?

 I was inspired by the Sew Weekly Challenge last week to make something from some home linens. I just love Mena's site but I never can seem to get my projects done in time to post them over there. I am usually knee deep in some other project started over the weekend and getting a dress sewn, taking some halfway decent photos of me in it, and uploading it in 5 days is a tall order, even for quick sewist like me.
But I will be posting this at Refashion co-op thanks to one of their friendly e-mail reminders that if I don't post at least once a month I will get removed from the contributors list.
So back to my dress. I was seeing a sheath dress from this Tiki Afro fabric but the problem was I had only about a yard and a quarter of fabric from the curtain and it was only 45 inches wide. Here is the pattern I used
McCall's 5927

The pattern called for almost two yards of sixty inch fabric. Of course, most patterns ask for way too much fabric so I figured I could squeeze it in. Here is how I did it:

I'm not super thrilled with this dress. It was one with an adjustable bust and I chose the D cup. I think it is a little big in that department, so if you choose this pattern I would recommend you size it down a cup. 
  • I omitted the neck and armhole facings, instead trimming them with bias tape.
  • I didn't have enough fabric to cut the front bodice on the fold so I had to fit it on the fabric as two separate pieces with a seam down the center front which I think looks a little odd.
  • I didn't have enough fabric for the extra pocket lining piece so I just finished the raw edge of the pocket with bias tape and sewed the pocket directly down to the front skirt piece

I also would like to invite you back to visit tomorrow for two reasons
1. I am having a giveaway! The sponsor will remained unnamed until tomorrow but let's just say they have a "fruity" name. It's going to be a good giveaway!
2. I will be posting Sew & Tell Saturday where you can post your sewing projects and discover some new sewing blogs!


  1. Great dress from such a small amount of fabric!

  2. looks great, the print really suits you.

  3. Love the print, you did a great job squeezing it out of 1+ yrds.

  4. Hi Justine

    I think the dress really looks cute on you despite the fitting issue. I made this pattern this week too! U can check it out in my blog

  5. woohoo it's a fabulous refashion! can't tell it was a curtain


  6. Way to go to "make it work"!

    If you really don't like the center front seam, why not put a contrasting band that matches the bias down the center front. If you open the seam to insert it (although that would require removing and reinstalling the bias, you could also gather some of that extra bust fabric into the band and solve two problems at once.

  7. Cute dress, and way to make it work!


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