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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Simplicity Sew Simple 1998 Adaptation

I made this dress to wear on New Years Eve but I don't have any plans this year. That's what happens sometimes when you live in the boondocks!
Here the lovely Miss Izzy is modeling. She is a lot more photogenic than me and I only have to pin my dresses a little on her and they look gorgeous on her! When she was a baby back in the city people used to ask me if I was her nanny because she was so fair and blue eyed and I am quite dark. There are no nannies around here but still, I don't think anyone would ever mistake me for being Gigi's nanny since she looks just like me.
Back to the dress.....
Of course, it didn't look anything like the picture on the pattern so I had to make a lot of changes to make it acceptable. This pattern was like a sack as is ! I took it in about 4 inches through the sides and tapered it into an a-line. It's a super easy pattern and slips right over the head. I also added a band to the bottom, shortened the sleeves, shortened the hem, and split the collar so it would lie flat.
The fabric is this interesting metallic woven knit combination. It's soft and cozy on the inside and I have never seen anything like it. I bought it at a going out of business sale for a fabric store and the content wasn't listed. But it feels expensive ! I only paid two dollars a yard for it. ( Love that!)



  1. I love the changes you made to this dress-much improved from the staid dress as on the envelope.

  2. Lovely dress - such interesting fabric. And your model looks beautiful! Happy New Year!

  3. Learning how to sew a dress is a practical skill. It enables you to create your own clothes or alter them if it does not fit. In this economy, you could use this practical skill to avoid overspending over expensive ready to wear clothing.

  4. I just bought this pattern before Christmas, and thought it looked fitted and mod. Thanks for the heads up re: the fit. Your modifications look great.

  5. The dress looks Fabulous and your daughter is stunning such piercing blue eyes. I'm not going anywhere myself, but I plan on wearing something fabulous at home!! Happy New year.


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