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Monday, December 19, 2011

McCall's 6153 , knit tunic, beret, and pants for Gigi.

I found two fabulous and cozy coordinating cotton knit fabrics in downtown LA for a smoking deal - 2 dollars a yard each. They are a runoff from a designer label, I'm not sure who. The fabric is very soft and double layered with built in wrinkles. Yay, no ironing!

I used McCall's 6153 for the project:
I had to add a band to the neckline because the neckline was too gaping and I made a beret to match.
I used the beret instructions from this book:
Simple Sewing with a French Twist.
It is the only project I have tried in the book. The photos are lovely and I got it as a gift. I try to make at least one project from each sewing book I receive.

I love the big wooden buttons in the back.

I think Gigi is tres mignon in the ensemble, n'est ce pas?


  1. That is one of the best child fashion shots I have seen. wow! Oh, and good sewing, Mom.

  2. That is an adorable outfit!! Love the prints too - what a find! :)

  3. Oh my goodness is that ever C-U-T-E !!! Bravo!!

  4. That is a very cute outfit on a most adorable girl!

  5. Very Cute Outfit, and Super Cute Little Girl. Love the Fabric choice too.

  6. adorable fabric! It looks perfect. nice job.


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