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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lily's DIY Angry Bird birthday party and my giveaway winners !

Lily's 9th birthday party was a lot of fun. The pinata I worked so hard on was an epic fail and collapsed on us so  my two teens had to run out at the last minute to buy a pinata for the party. However, the cake  Liz made for the party turned out adorable!
Liz's Angry Bird cake
Angry Bird balloons...
 I painted an Angry Bird and created a game of "Pin the beak on the Angry Bird."

A rousing game of musical chairs. Old fashioned kid party fun! I had big aspirations for this party and spent a lot of time perusing some fabulous ideas on various blogs but ended up just keeping the whole thing simple.

My failed pinata and...

our bargain shop replacement!

A couple of  birds showed up for some goodies.
Happy birthday to my Lily!

On to the Giveaway winners!

Congratulations to Shannon from Vintage Violet Mama for winning the Shabby Apple Dress giveaway!
I will be contacting you to get your info to Shabby Apple so they can send you your dress ASAP.
For my sweater giveaway congratulations to number 11 from the random number generator which would be Deb who blogs at Stronger By The Minute. I'll be contacting you too to get your shipping info.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend. 



  1. Happy Birthday (belatedly) to Lily! Looks like a fun party. I especially love musical chairs done with such a nice selection of chairs!

  2. Love that cake! It is amazing. Stopping by from the Southern Institute linky . . .

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter. The cake and decorations are so cute. Too bad about your bird.
    It is mind boggling to me to have an outdoor party in December and the kids are wearing t-shirts. Wow. Here it is dark by 4:30 and although we don't have snow yet you still need to wear a coat, hat, boots, and mitts.

  4. That's an awesome angry birds cake and pinyata!


  5. I know so many Angry Bird fans who would love these ideas! Thanks for sharing.


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