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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wiggle Dress Options

I have been planning on making a "wiggle dress" from a stretch woven gingham I bought on I was considering draping one from scratch but I think I would rather just modify a pattern I already have. A wiggle dress is really just a sheath or a tightly fitted bodice/skirt combination. Below are the options I have from the patterns in my stash. I have to stop myself from buying any new patterns. I was at a local store the other day called Baron's which was going out of business. They had just sold a small metal filing cabinet designed for storing patterns for only ten dollars. I was so disappointed! I have been looking for something like that. They did have another cabinet for only thirty five dollars but it was huge and I have nowhere to put it. So my patterns stay stuffed into their cardboard boxes in my pantry next to all sorts of kitchen items. But I did get an adjustable dress form at the thrift shop sale for only 12.50$ this week! It's ugly as sin being covered with this yucky grey sticky nylon fleecy fabric. ( Yes, those are a lot of adjectives, aren't they?)  I already have adjusted it and am working on a dress for Isabelle's friend who is a size 0. I would never have been able to get it on my good dress form.

So here are some ideas for straight sheath type dresses. Taper any of them in to get a tight fit and you have yourself a "wiggle dress".
Butterick 6582
I'm not so sure about that high neckline. It looks great in the drawing but after doing a search of images of other sewn versions I think the neckline seems a little unflattering. I could redraw it lower. I don't think I have made a sheath like this without a waistline seam before.
McCall's 5923
This one is simple but may look a little bit plain in the gingham. 
McCall's 5927
A simple but basic dress.
McCall's 5971
I like the sleeves but his one seems a little too conservative with the pleats. I could turn the pleats into darts and taper the fit of the skirt. I want this dress to look like something Joan from Mad Men might wear.
McCall's 6878
Simplicity 4838
These last two patterns are just tunics cinched with belts. They look very quick to make.
I am leaning towards the first pattern. Which one do you like?



  1. I am in love with the first one. It is areal shame the neckline comes too high because it really looks fab in the picture. I think re-drawing it would be worth it.

  2. I am partial to the first pattern, my only thing is like you, it comes up too hi. I agree that it would be worth redrawing it, for a base pattern it is the most flattering. This is in my spring folder.

  3. 5923 - I think it would look perfect in the gingham!

  4. I have 3 of those patterns. I am glad you have said about the high neckline, I had never thought about checking out other peoples' results before staring a project. I also think this is the most 'wigglest' of the batch.

  5. I really like the McCalls with the sweetheart neckline. I also really like the first one, but I agree the neckline looks a bit high. Can't wait to see which you choose! :]

  6. I too like the first one. If you could redraw the neckline lower, it would be really nice methinks.

  7. So... I know you didn't really include this as an option but... I really liked the bodice portion of my Simplicity 2444 done in gingham because of the diagonal darts. Why not do the bodice from Simplicity 2444 and the skirt portion from the first pattern, the Retro Butterick?

  8. What a score to find the adjustable dress form! And for cheap, too.

  9. Butterick 6582 would be cute in gingham or the Mccalls 5927 view c


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