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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Collette Oolong photos

My first version of Oolong in a cotton voile. details on making it can be found here.

Do you ever get obsessed with a sewing pattern ? I have been a little nuts over Collette's Oolong pattern lately. At the moment I am working on my third version in purple velvet. I love this pattern because it so easy to customize.
Here is the second version made in stretch doubleknit. Details on making it in stretch fabric can be found here. I used bias band facings instead of facings, made a short puffed sleeve and gave this pattern more of a forties feel.
Stay tuned to see my purple velvet version which will have added godets on the skirt. I'm just finishing it up. I think that will probably be my last Oolong for awhile. Enough already!
Have a great sewing week.
Today was the first day of school for my three older children. My son is a senior now in high school. I can't believe it!



  1. Yes, I know what it is like to sew several versions of a pattern, although I have not done any dressmaking for a while. I stopped when I could not sew as good as I wanted to wear.

  2. Wow! You did an excellent job. We love the fabrics that you chose!

    Have a great day,
    Laura and Michele

  3. Your Oolongs are wonderful. Every once in a while a pattern will come along and surprise me with it's usefulness. Usually, when I purchased it, I had no idea. Can't wait to see your next version.

  4. The different fabrics you chose make the dresses look like two different dresses, pattern-wise. And I love the flowers! I am so inspired by your hard work and creativity.

    Also, is your dress form something you have customized to your general size?

  5. It's beautiful! I never thought of using a woven for the Oolong. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  6. This is a beautiful version of the Oolong dress! Yes, I get obsessed with particular patterns sometimes but I haven't made anything more than 3 times so far ...

  7. Love your variations! Do you have an estimate of how much fabric you used for the striped bodice in the more 40s style one? I haven't even bought the pattern yet and here I am shopping for fabric, I'm so inspired by your patterned bodice/solid skirt version!


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