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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inspiration : World War 2 Ladies Jumpsuits

I love these jumpsuits!
Has anyone ever made one or does anyone have a pattern they might want to sell to me? These are really scarce and I have never found one for sale. It seems easy enogh to make a pattern though. I could use a wide legged pant and just add a bodice from another pattern like in the first photo.


  1. I love the look of a 40s jumpsuit! :) One day I want to make one to wear when I'm doing gardening and working on the car. ;)

    Some similar to the top picture:

    I have yet to see a pattern for a full jumpsuit (attached blouse) that hasn't gone for a mint on Ebay. No reproduction companies are offering them either! Too bad..

  2. Have you tried...?

    more of a 1940's overall style but still super cute!

  3. has one very similar to the top jumpsuit. But it's in the 1930's section.

  4. I love the 40's jumpsuit. Patterns for these are very far and few and the one's available are out of my price range. Maybe, one day I will create something similar from scratch. The top jumpsuit is darling!

  5. I was watching one on eBay that just sold for over $60.

    These are cute! Maybe you could adapt one from a later era? There are lots of 70s jumpsuit patterns.

  6. this is so cool, wish I have the pattern so I can see you make one!


  7. I lived in jumpsuits in the early 1970's. Long ones were very fashionable for travel, but not so very practical - it turns out - in the restrooms of TransAtlantic flights. The short ones, however, is the best, the very best, hot, humid, deep Summer outfits, I've ever had. AND Yes, I made all of the short ones and several of the long ones.

  8. I must make a jumpsuit now! Great inspiration!

  9. I want one too! I'd love it for doing my gardening. I've had my eye on the one from Decades of Style. Folkwear has one as well:

  10. Lovely! Thanks for sharing the pattern cover pics, they're awfully inspirational.

    If you'd like to purchase a 40s jumpsuit, you might take a look at the "Riveting Jumpsuit" from My Baby Jo.

  11. wow! I actually have that second jumpsuit - it looks exactly the same as the photo (colour, style and the way it sits although mine does not have green buttons). Mine is clearly from the 70s though as it's in a rather thick polyester - the brand is simply 'Modern Style'. I bought it in a teeny op shop (in Australia) maybe 10 years ago and I wore it to uni all the time - its a little too short in the body for me these days though (what with the bit of extra padding, ahem!) but I haven't been able to part with it yet.
    The top jumpsuit is more me these days, I definitely have my sites on sewing a similar one soon.

  12. I love jumpsuits also.Seen couple on TV selling shows but wasn't as pertty as the vintage ones .Thank's for the memories...


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