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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Bombsell Dress For Izzy

Here is a bombshell dress I made years ago from a stretch paisley woven cotton but put away because the elastic and the neck area got all stretched out and I sort of just forgot about it. I would tell you the pattern but I can't remember it. I salvaged it by sewing some black bias tape along the neckline, creating a casing. Then I pulled some ribbon through the casing and made a little hole in the center front to tie a bow with it. Now it looks like a peasant dress!
(Does this fire truck look familiar?)
And here is Izzy posing with Frankie Avalon, the singer from the 1960's. Does anyone remember that song "Hey Venus" he sang? But seriously my favorite song of his was "Beauty School Dropout" from the seventies film, "Grease." Button up your shirt, Frankie! Beach Blanket Bingo was a long time ago!  He was a little too willing to pose in this picture with Izzy if you ask me... Eeek!
And no, that's not a cocktail in her hand..
What kind of mother do you think I am!?
 First, my 24 year old stepdaughter was the recipient of my hand me downs and now my 16 year old daughter also digs through my bins. I doubt my two year old will be digging through my bins when she is a teen because I will be positively ancient by then!
And how did a dark haired, dark eyed, part American Indian and Italian person like myself have such a pretty, blue eyed blonde? I'm still trying to figure that one out since her dad is also brown eyed and brown haired like myself..
I was told it was a one in 16 chance. 
Oh, and she was also bit by a rattlesnake when she was six.
 What do you think the chances of that happening are?



  1. I love the bombshell dress on your daughter. It's a great length and the neckline looks great. I could not tell you had had problems with it.
    Frankie has aged since the Beach Blanket movies but that pink chevy still looks great.

  2. The bombshell dress looks great on you daughter. Love your pictures.

  3. the dress is awesome! Izzy looks like a star, so chic and pretty in that dress. My mom used to make me dresses too when she was still around. I miss her.


  4. That dress is beautiful! And I know you're probably aware of this but... are you sure she's only 16?!?! She's absolutely stunning!
    RL x

  5. What a beautiful mother and daughter! Both car in your picture is just matched xD


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