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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Announcing My Pencil Skirt Drafting and Sew-a- long.

A pencil skirt is a great basic item to have in your wardrobe for Fall and is simple to draft.
 A good fitting pencil skirt will bring elegance to your everyday wardrobe and every lady should have one! But for many of us, those off the rack don't fit well. Perhaps they might gape in the waist or be too tight or loose in the hips. I will show you how to draft your own basic pencil skirt pattern that you can tweak and use as a basic design pattern for a variety of pencil skirt styles. 
This basic pattern will be dart fitted at the waist with a bias faced waistline and will be knee length with a kick pleat in the back. 
Join me next Friday, October 6 for my first installment of this drafting and sew- a- long.
If you would like to be included I will have a linky party where everyone can share photos of their skirts when the sew-a- long is finished.
Here is what you will need:
For The Pattern
  1. Some brown craft paper which comes in a roll. I buy mine at the 99 cent store. If you have dotted pattern paper, all the better!
  2. A straight clear graph ruler for pattern making.
  3. A curved hip ruler which isn't absolutely necessary but helpful.
  4. A pencil and eraser.
  5. Something sharp to poke a hole for your dart ends.
  6. And of course a tape measure to get your measurements.
For The Skirt
  1. 1 yard 60 inch fabric or about 1 1/2 yard 45 inch fabric. That should be enough for most sizes. Also make the fabric sort of thick since the skirt won't be lined. I'm trying to make this project as simple as possible!
  2. A 7  or 9 inch zipper.
  3. Bias binding in a matching color as your fabric.

I hope you join me!


  1. I'd like to learn to make a pencil skirt pattern for myself. Fitting is very difficult for me.

  2. sound great, I hope I can follow along. If I can, it'll be my first sewing project from scratch.


  3. I tried to draft a pencil skirt when I first started sewing, but it was an epic fail. A year later, I think I'm ready to try again!

  4. I'm all for ldit!!!! I can't wait!!! I will post updates on my blog at

    I would love it if you could check it out! Its new and I need someone!!! anyone!!! to look at it!!! thanks a bunch!

  5. I learned how to draft a skirt pattern by reading Sew What Skirts, but I only read and never drafted! It will be a blast to have some on-line motivation to get it done!

  6. Sounds like a great idea. I would love to learn this.

  7. I just picked up a pencil skirt pattern yesterday from my sewing class. Sewing a sew-a-long self-drafted pencil skirt is so much better than following a pattern that will probably not be perfect. At least through your sew-a-long, I'll learn how to do it right and pick up knowledge. Thanks for hosting the sew-a-long!

  8. Fun! I will definitely be joining in! Gonna pick up my fabric this weekend!!

  9. I reckon I'm in! I hope I can keep up. I've got the perfect fabric I bought about a month ago with a lining to go with it... I'll see how I get on! Just need to get that paper!!


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