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Monday, June 17, 2013

Sewing The Trends Series : Bethany from Lil Bit & Nan

Welcome to Day 1 of the Sewing The trends Summer 2013 series!

Today's guest is Bethany from the blog Lil Bit & Nan. I've been following Bethany for probably about two years now, since I discovered her at The Sew Weekly back when I was participating in the weekly sewing challenges. Did anyone else do that? It was such fun!

Anyway, Bethany is seriously talented, not to mention cute as a button!
Here are a few of her fab creations I pulled from her blog to share with you...

Isn't she great?
I actually got to meet her two weeks ago at Jessica's  Girls' Night Out event during Fabric weekend recently....

Here is a little something from Bethany herself, and then we will get to her outfit for today!

"Hi! I'm Bethany. I'm a bubbly lil' gal with a husband and a little girl. I live in So Cal, and I am an aspiring designer. I love to sew for myself and my daughter. I also have clients I design and sew custom clothes for. I have a love affair with vintage style and find it inspires most of my designs. I started my blog as a progressing journal and in hopes to show other women they can sew for themselves too. Self reliance is an important thing to learn, especially for women. Check out what I've made and hopefully you will find it inspiring as well. "

 Thanks Bethany!

Bethany's outfit today is inspired by summer's Tropical fashion trend 

A tropical print romper with a peplum! How cute is that?
I love how she stayed true to her vintage style yet made something very current and fashion forward at the same time.

Stop by Bethany's blog to get the scoop on how she made it and to see more photos.

To find your own inspiration check out our group Pinterest board.

Thanks for stopping byF!


  1. Thank you for the introduction! 'Headed to Bethany's blog now. I especially love the polka dot shorts! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. te ha quedado precioso

  3. That peplum top brings back memories of one I wore in the 60s... similar style, but no sleeves and made from gingham. We wore them with stretch bermuda shorts. Bethany's is such a fun, Summery outfit!!!

  4. Lovely! What a fun way to wear this trend!

  5. I love Bethany's vintage style...her Olympic Fever outfit is to die for! And of course, her tropical ensemble is super cute!

  6. OH I love the Olympic Fever and the shorts :)

  7. Hi Bethany.. what adorable clothes you have made.. I too , followed sew weekly .It was such fun.


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