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Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY Gilded Vintage Frame Earrings and Pendant with Mod Podge Melts

Mod Podge Melts Jewelry

Mod Podge Melts Jewelry
I got a package of crafty goodies in the mail recently.
There were some red silicone molds, some white looking glue sticks, and some printed papers from the Mod Podge company.

The new product is called Mod Podge Melts.
You use the white glue sticks in a glue gun and shoot it into the little silicone molds to make a variety of cool shapes for a variety crafty little projects. Fun!
You and your imagination can figure out how to use them. Here's how we used ours:

Vintage Guilded Frame Jewelry

The molds were shaped like little frames and I was supposed to make something from them.

Lily and I got to work experimenting. We had a lot of fun together.
We tried lots of different ways to make the frame molds, finally deciding to make jewelry with them.We put some of the paper shapes inside the frames, and then Lily had the brilliant idea to just use the frames by themselves.

Lily is a pretty experienced crafter and knows how to handle a high temp glue gun!
You have to make sure the glue gun is very hot so the white milk glass colored sticks melt evenly into the molds.
We cut some little metal jewelry posts and placed them into the molds while the mod podge sticks were wet.
Then we painted the molds with gold gilding liquid.
 I added earring wires and a jump ring and necklace chain.

 I think this is a really cool product and the molds come in many other shapes that are perfect for the beginning jewelry maker, like me. You can paint the molds any color and you can also leave them plain white. It has a milk glass look.
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Disclosure: I was financially compensated for this post but the opinions I have about this product  are not influenced by that fact.


  1. son una preciosidad

  2. really cool! you've sold me :) actually, i was on the hunt in the jewelry section for something that could be picture frames for our dollhouse. i think this is it! thanks!


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