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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mercedes from Aventuras De Costuras : Sewing The Trends

Today's guest is Mercedes from Aventuras De Costuras. 
Mercedes blogs from the southern coast of Spain and I love seeing the beautiful clothes she makes for herself, as well as the scenery of one of my favorite countries to visit, Spain! Mercedes blogs in both English and Spanish and I've learned a lot about European sewing patterns from reading her blog.
 I admire her chic style as well as her advanced sewing skills !
I had a fun time looking through her blog to find the three projects I would show you. In fact, I think that has been my favorite thing about doing this series. Spending time going through the projects of my blog friends. I have really enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful creations from everyone.

Welcome Mercedes!

 "Hello, I'm Mercedes from Aventuras de Costuras. I started sewing in April 2010 because my mother gave me her sewing machine and haven´t stop ever since. First it was just to make my kids some clothes just for fun but I realized that the ones I made for them fitted them much better than RTW clothes. I don´t sew for them as much as I do for me, but I try to make at least the "nice" garments, the ones they´d wear to birthday parties or so. On the other hand I try to sew all my clothes, I think I just bought a couple of t-shirts from the shops in the past year. 
I love sewing trousers in the winter and pretty dresses in the summer. I just couldn´t define my style, Justine... Eclectic maybe? 
Oh I almost forgot! I live in Algeciras, that is right in front of the African coast, actually on aclear day we can see the Moroccan coast. We are surrounded by really beautiful beaches, one of them, Tarifa, Beach, is a great windsurf spot! "
Mercedes interpreted the Floral trend which has been going strong through spring and summer. These shorts are gorgeous! And so is the scenery.  Stop by Aventura de Costuras to see the full post!

Floral trend from Dries Van Noten.


  1. Oh , I was so curious about the proyects you´d choose. That dress is my all-time favourite and still wear it lots.
    Thank you for having me Justine. It has been a pleasure!

  2. Don't you love her color choices?! Stunning! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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