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Friday, October 19, 2012

Sew & Tell Saturday

Welcome to Sew& Tell Saturday!

Congatulations to Vikki from the Quirky Quail. She was entry number 46, the number chosen by the random number generator.
You won the book, Design It Yourself Clothes Vikki!

This week I have been working on a few casual dolman sleeved tops for myself and Isabelle so I am finding myself drawn to tops.
Today's features are all tops.
I posted awhile back about how I still say "blouse" but most everyone now says"top.
I was actually told the word blouse was rather old-fashioned.
I guess that's just how I roll.
The thought occurred to me that a blouse is usually a little more dressy, made of silk or something, and a top is definitely more casual, like a t shirt.
What do you think?

Take this chiffon tee Cindy from Cation Designs designed herself and posted this week. The fabric would definitely be considered blouse material but the style is casual putting it in the top camp. I love the contrast!

Paunnet made this pretty blouse from a pattern company I have just heard about from her blog, called Deer & Doe. Deer & Doe are a French pattern company with some very chic patterns. I would say the Peter Pan collar and more dressy cotton shirting would classify this as a blouse! I love the pictures on her blog, taken in the Italian countryside. They make me miss those six months when I studied Italian in Florence.

This little top by Buzzmills has a cute squirrel applique. So cute!

On the crafty sewing front, these adorable pincushion by The Thinking Closet caught my eye.
I have yet to make a pincushion. Probably because I use one of those big magnet pin holders out of convenience. But one of these might just change my mind.
So let's see what you have been working on!


  1. I tend to think of a blouse as having buttons, but the blue one second from top, I'd also call a blouse and it doesn't have buttons.

  2. Thanks for featuring my bird pincushions! Glad they inspired you to possibly make one! (Bet you could churn one out pretty easily.) Cheers! -Lauren

  3. Alas, after about eighteen attempts, I gave up in linking my Necktie Brooch post. *waaah*

    Maybe next time...

    P.S. Everyone else's stuff's adorable!

  4. I love the bird pincushions!!!
    My apologies for the double entry...
    if you have a chance to delete the duplicate that would be great.
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    <3 Christina

  5. Thanks for highlighting my top! I've always been confused about top vs. blouse too, but I figured that "top" was more inclusive since it includes, well, anything worn on top!

  6. Hi, I just stumbled on to your blog through another sewing blog. I sew professionally. I have a shop in my home and sew about 4-6 hours a day. I do not craft, I call my crafts craps! Because that is what they look like! Yes I will admit it. I also raise chickens and garden. So we have a lot in common. I do not sew for myself, I can but I do not have time. The last time I sewed myself a suit it was a Vogue and had 87 pieces by the time i got done with the lining, under lining, interfacing, etc. Now I just say I am worth it and go to Talbots! I make a very good living altering clothing. What I have noticed is that people often don't know how to buy the right fabric for a pattern and they do not know how to fit. Fine tailoring is a lost art. Clothing should never look home made and it should fit.


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