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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sew & Tell Saturday 10/27/2012

Welcome to Sew & tell Saturday!

I always consider the time between my birthday in late September and Christmas a really hectic, but fun time for our family.
Two of my kids have birthdays, we always host Thanksgiving, and of course, there is Christmas and all of the crafting and preparations to go with that.
Every Halloween I always end up making at least two costumes even though I always say, 
"Next year we are just going to throw together something from the thrift shop and not make a big deal about it."
But somehow the week before Halloween comes and there goes grumpy me getting ready to sew more costumes again. But as soon as I start sewing them I always get into it and end up enjoying it.
I often become obsessed with making the perfect costume even though the thing will only be worn for trick or treating and maybe to a party or two.
Making memories for my kids I guess.
So I was busy making this black leather like ninja assassin type looking jumpsuit with a hood and mask  I had to get  done tonight for a party Lily is going to this weekend. I just finished it and she looks like one fierce character in it.... pictures yet to come.
 I'm going to wine country tomorrow with my husband and some friends so it was imperative I finish and yay!! 
We made it.

So what have you been up to this week?
Any Halloween costume making drama in your lives or do you just pass that holiday by?
Or maybe you live in a country that doesn't become obsessed by Halloween for a month and spend close to its national debt on decorations, costumes, and candy?

Maybe you were lucky enough to make yourself, say, a fabulous pink dress?
I'd love to see!
 Here are the featured creations from last week:

 I think this pink dress by See Love Make is just so pretty. That beach is lovely, too.

Vanessa's jeggings at Designs By Sessa are a cute basic. I should probably make more basics, too. If you stop by her blog you can see her doing a cartwheel in them. Pretty cool.

Here is the outfit that won Project Run & Play last week. Congratulations Haley from Come To The Mouse House! She hand embroidered this adorable outfit. Her photography is so beautiful . They were all a nice group of ladies to compete with, even though of course, I was sad to be voted off before I got to do my signature look...


  1. Thank you for featuring my dress! :)
    I love the other features too! Such talent people!

  2. Thanks for hosting. I just got my notice that November's pattern drafting book is ready for me to pick up at the library! Excited for the draft along.


  3. Thanks for featuring me Justine!
    It was an absolute pleasure to compete along side of you and I was sad to see you leave because I knew you would have made an outstanding signature look!


  4. Those features are so sweet!
    Making memories and using your talents make life so meaningful! Sounds like you've had a great week :)
    <3 Christina

  5. Hahahaha!!! Yes, please come see me doing some cartwheels in my jeggings! haha! Thanks for featuring mine! Very fun find today! :) Oh, and did you see you are responsible for my sewing foolish-ness? haha! I started following Paunnet's blog and the next thing I know, I'd ordered a French sewing pattern which directions entirely in French... your fault for featuring that one, I tell you! JK!


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