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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Making A Dolly

 Meet Mary, Gigi's new dolly!
This is the second doll I have made.
Yup, in a house with four daughters.
I just realized I like making dolls!
 I was relieved this was such an easy project....
The first doll I made several years ago was for my nine year old . It was one of those Waldorf style wool dolls with yarn hair. Anyway, it took days to make and when I finally gave it to Lily within a few days our dumb dog chewed big holes all over it.
So I was relieved that this little pattern kit I bought from the girls over at 
Simple Simon was so easy and not time consuming at all.
Gigi has a short attention span and sat with me the whole time and even helped me stuff her body.
She calls her Mary.
And the dog?
We miss her since she is gone, but not her bad toy manners.

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  1. So sweet! I LOVE ragdolls. I loved them more as a little girl than store-bought toy dolls.

  2. Love here stripey legs and wow, I didn't realize how big she was until I saw the pic with your daughter. Way cute!

  3. How adorable... both doll and Gigi.. I know she is excited over the doll. One of my grandaughters was spending the night with me recently and found a rag doll that I had made years ago.. She was so excited..She toted it around .slept with it and is still excited with her new found doll. I must make another one.

    1. Yes, it is very rewarding to see how even with lots of other dolls, she seems to know this one is more special.

  4. That doll is so cute!

  5. It turned out darling Justine...and I quite agree...they are addicting to make!

  6. I love this dolly, Justine! So precious for a little girl. Thank you for sharing. I also enjoyed your Martha Stewart craft you posted.

    Stopping by from


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