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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Garden Gnome Hat Tutorial

When I got my little one these spiffy red clogs I just knew I had to make her a little garden gnome outfit to wear!
I made the hat from easy and quick to sew red felt with a mushroom applique made from some felt scraps I had on hand. The rest of her outfit is from my vintage kids clothing collection.
Don't you just love those old fashioned suspender shorts?
If you would like to make a cute garden gnome hat too, read on!
Put two pieces of felt together about twenty inches long each.
I drew an 18 inch line up the center of my hat pattern to make sure both sides are balanced.
Measure you child's head circumference and draw half of it along the bottom of your pattern for the brim.
The front side will be straight across and teh back side will dip down about an inch and a half so it can hug your child's head.
Draw the rest of your hat from the sides and add 1/2 inch seam allowance around your pattern.
Before you sew your hat together gather some felt scraps and use some double stick tape or fusible double stick adhesive to attach alittle mushroom applique.

Sew the right sides together. You can add some interfacing like I did to make the hat more stiff so it doesn't flop over. Because it's felt there is no hemming required!

Happy Halloween everyone!
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  1. love the shirt... would look fab with a suspender skirt!

  2. Ha ha ha...this costume is awesome! Such a clever idea :)


  3. So cute! I hope you will enter our costume contest that starts on October 13! Click the link below for more details!

  4. Hahahaha! I love the costume and I actually love that game! :)) She's adorable and you're very crafty, as always :))


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