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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mr. Top Hat Pumpkin Tutorial

 This is the third Halloween project I have made so far this month!
I usually can't gat my act together to do much for Halloween but I have been a most busy bee lately!
I just finished this pumpkin project and I love how it turned out!
He sort of reminds me of a character from The Nightmare Before Christmas...
 I used a brown paint glaze and the Mod Podge Antique formula to give Mr. Top Hat Pumpkin and aged, vintage look.
 I made him yo go with this other pumpkin treat holder of mine, which has the same finish.
It's a fun and easy project to make.

Here is what you need.

One of those plain, white, foam pumpkins sold at craft stores.
( They are all going on sale right now. I got mine for 50% off. He was seven dollars.
Two small jars of craft paint. I used Folk Art paint in black and burnt umber.
A paintbrush
Mod Podge Antique Formula
A couple of old cereal boxes to make the top hat from
Some ribbon to decorate the hat with.
 Carve a scary face into your pumpkin and cut the top off.

 Paint the inside of his head, the inside of the carving, and outline it with the black paint.

After the black paint dries, water a little burnt umber paint and paint a glaze all over the pumpkin, concentrating it in the ridges.

Cover the whole pumpkin with Mod Podge Antique .
Use two plates to trace it two circles for the top hat, and the middle part. Glue it together. Paint the hat black and decorate it with some ribbon.
I used some orange tissue paper to make a rosette to give a jaunty look!
He is spooky but cute!
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  1. That is soooo cute. I would have never thought about using a fake pumpkin. I would have tried to this on the real thing. Good thing I read the whole post. haha.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. I love this! It's great! Thanks so much for sharing it at Creative Me this week! :) I hope you have a great week!

  3. I love that you picked a white pumpkin and dressed him up! Top hats are so adorable!

  4. Could this be any cuter! I love this....I gotta make these! Come link p to centerpiece Wednesday and share this idea with us! Karin

  5. Your very talented and cute, You looked cute in the bikini too. I love your pumpkin, I only have sewn a night gown for myself and I wear it. I have grown some since I was 40 so the patterns I have dont fit anymore. LOL

  6. He is awesome! I would love it if you stopped by B-InspiredMama to enter him into the Perfectly Pumpkin Contest. :)


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