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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Folksy Suspender Skirt

This is my first project I am posting in the Kids Clothing Week Challenge Flickr group for the week.
I bought this huge roll of what looked like 70's upholstery weight cotton twill at The Goodwill last year. There is a lot of it, probably 20 yards, at least.
I love it.
I have been feeling inspired by Folksy things lately and wanted to make a skirt to go with Gigi's Garden Gnome Hat I made last week.

 But I also wanted it to be a skirt that she could just wear anytime, not a costume. That line can be very thin when it comes to little kids!
If you can't wear a costume just for the heck of it when you are 3 then this world is just too strict.
Not that this skirt really looks like a costume.

It's more like a regional dress from a Northern European country.
I made a waistband a few inches bigger than Gigi's waist, then added some elastic to the back of it. The skirt is just two rectangles twice the width of her waist. Then I measured over her shoulders to determine how long to make the straps. 
They cross in the back and have this little piece in the middle of the straps so they won't slip off of her shoulders.
They attach to the waistband with two big, wooden buttons.

Her big sisters were so inspired by her folksy outfit that they also got in the spirit and wore their own folksy dresses to the pumpkin patch today.
Lily is wearing a Mod Kids pattern I made about two years ago. I can't believe she can still fit into it. It's just on the verge of being too small. Isabelle is wearing a dress we bought at a flea market in San Francisco on her 16th birthday and my vintage Frye boots.
They made quite a splash at the pumpkin patch!
The corn maize was a lot of fun!
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  1. What a beautiful dress and family!

  2. Oh Justine, this skirt is adorable. I love that you added the peice on the back straps to keep them from falling down.. [Never thought about that,thankyou for sharing].. I am going to make my twin grandaughters one of these..
    I love the fabric ..It is soooo cute.

  3. Just gorgeous. I love the fabric choice.

  4. I don't think it looks too costumey. It just looks really cute! Love it.

  5. So cute skirt, Gigi looks happy having it. :o)

  6. That little skirt is just too sweet! They are so lucky to have you sew for them so much!

  7. Adorable - love style as well as the print and the trim at the hem! And that flea market dress is fabulous too! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do:)

  8. Just adorable.. the fabric and the style.

  9. Oh Justine! This is the most perfect October(fest) dress.

  10. I'm so bummed I missed you at Faulkner Farms. It looks like you all had fun. I love the fabric you used for Gigi's skirt. Where did you find it? I love folk art so much. - Bethany

  11. Love all the dresses. But especially the oldest girls. What else are you going to make with all that fabric!

  12. Hi Justine, I've featured your Folksy Suspender skirt today...


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