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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Japanese Brown Gingham Frock, One Yard Wonders

 I bought this brown gingham cotton on my trip to Tokyo back in March.
There is something about the feel of Japanese cottons that just feels different...
softer, somehow.
Anyway, I love it!
I wanted to make something with a casual,Japanese look. I love those little smock dresses the little girls wear. I was going to use one of my Japanese pattern books and then I just decided to use one of the projects from my favorite sewing project book'
One Yard Wonders, Even More Fabrics
I love this book and it is so worth the money!
There are over one hundred projects and most have included patterns.
This is my second go at the Playday Frock pattern from the book.
This time I added an elastic waistband and a second skirt under the first since the fabric is a little lightweight.
The playday frock pattern.

Above are just a few of the projects in the book with included patterns. There are also tons of bags, home stuff, and accessories. You could sew out of this book for years probably!
Here are two of my projects I have made from the book in the past....

 Overalls made out of dishtowel fabric.
 This was my first playdate dress, made in Japanese fabric. Sadly, this dress mysteriously disappeared soon after I made and and I haven't found it since. I keep hoping I will find it in the bottom of one of the hampers because I loved it!

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  1. This dress is adorable as is the first one..[hope you find it].. Happy sewing.

  2. How sweet. I love the size of the gingham pattern in this dress too. Oh, I hope you find the original as well. It is adorable.

    1. Thanks Shannon, I think I may have left it somewhere like a hotel room.

  3. I love that last little dress! Are the patterns in the book for small children sizes only?

  4. You are one busy sewer these days!!! And everything is darling!!

  5. I love all those outfits! I bought red gingham fabric a while back and think your "disappeared" outfit would be perfect to make. If you had it hanging on the clothes line someone probably stole it. It is too cute!

  6. I always love your japanese inspired looks Justine! The fact that you used gingham with this is simply fabulous! Love it!!!

  7. That fabric is absolutely GORGEOUS. Maybe I need an excuse to go to Japan?

  8. I have this book ~ I went to the local book release party, got quite a few of the designers signatures :)
    I sewed the O tunic
    There is another book in the series that is older, they are both great.
    I'm really looking forward to their 3rd book coming out in a little over a year :)


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