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Friday, October 26, 2012

Designing With Teens: Sweatskirt & Dolman Tee

Lately my girls have been getting involved with designing outfits.
Next step: Making their own clothing.
Yeah, right...
Not when you have you own personal seamstress who happens to be your mom.

 I made this outfit based on a sketch Isabelle gave me.
Which was promptly scribbled all over by her little sister.
Then lost so I can't take a photo of it....

Fabric :
Sweat fleece for skirt, stretch lycra poly with small metallic dots for top
Self drafted. 
The skirt I draped on my dress form and the top was made by tracing one of her tees.

Maybe sweat suit fabric is a little too bulky for a skirt like this? 
The top was a little tight. I traced the pattern from a more stretchy fabric than this purple fabric which only has a little stretch in it. 

The stretchiness of fabric is definitely something to consider when you are designing a pattern.

This was a good learning experience . I learned fabric suitability to design is really important to consider when working with knits. I think I will try this skirt in a thinner fabric.  I like the  yoke and pockets.


  1. that skirt would be adorable out of a dark stretch denim! I love the top!

  2. Really like the skirt and top.. You have a really pretty daughter.. And I so agree..."why would our children learn to sew, when they have us?hahaha... Now, I have grandchildren, that do the same"

  3. I love the look of both the top and the skirt. I personally like the sweat fabric for the skirt, it looks great on your daughter and I think that is what teens are wearing now. Like mother, like daughter with the fashion mojo.

  4. It looks great in the photos! It is hard to tell it is bulky. I love that she designed it!


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