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Friday, July 20, 2012

Melissa From Melly Sews: The Sabrina Tank

I am so excited to have the talented Melissa from Melly Sews over today! Many of you may be familiar with Melissa who has been very busy lately!  
Lets's see..... she hosted the 30 Days of Sundresses Series that I was lucky enough to be a part of, she was a contestant recently on Project Run and Play, and she has been featured all over the place! She also has a small line of cute sewing patterns so do drop by and visit her.

 Tell her I sent you....

Once upon a time...somewhere in blogland...there was a very, very large contest...which went by the name of Project Run and Play.  And I was a contestant, and the theme was "Let's Go to the Movies" and I was hard at work embroidering fabric for a Sabrina inspired dress. But then I got eliminated, and I never made the dress, preferring (selfishly) to keep the hours of embroidery for my own wear.

Hello, Sew Country Chick readers! I'm Melissa, and I blog over at Melly Sews.

I LOVE the movie Sabrina. Especially Audrey Hepburn's voiceover in the beginning.

Once upon a time... 

on the north shore of Long Island... 

not far from New York... 

there was a very, very large mansion-- 

almost a castle-- 

where there lived a family by the name of Larrabee. 

And over the garage... 

there lived a chauffeur by the name of Fairchild... 

imported from England years ago... 

together with a Rolls-Royce... 

and a daughter named Sabrina. 

In the moonlight 

When the shadows play 

When the thought of what could happen 

Takes your breath away 

Sighs and whispers 

Quiet laughter in the air 

Can make it seem that love is everywhere 

Among other things... 

So the story I led with is true - this fabric was originally intended to be a dress for a 2 year old. The embroidery was done with my embroidery machine, and even though it's machine made, the embroidery on this tank took over 10 hours. 

And then, since I did the embroidery with a 2 year old and gathers in mind, I had to draft and redraft and make muslins until I could cut the embroidered fabric to perfectly show it off and to flatter me, a girl whose curves are (mostly) in different places than a 2 year old's.

But here it is to share with you (and I wonder if I should have just gotten the Colette Hazel pattern that Justine has done such pretty things with?) 

And I have to say, the fact that I get to keep and wear this lovely embroidery myself makes up a tiny bit for being eliminated in the first place. 

Thanks for having me! You can also find me in these places if you want to say hi.


  1. I absolutely love this!!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I sooooooooo want it. =)

    Great job!


  3. I love Audrey...and the embroidery on this is so beautiful!


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