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Friday, July 13, 2012

My Take On Portland

So we just spent the week in Portland, Oregon.

Richard and I had become infatuated with the place last September on a brief trip and decided to make another trip up to consider if it might be a good place for us to move to.
There are some things I serously love about it.
 It seems to be the sewing and crafting capital of the world! Ok maybe not the world, but it is pretty darn crafty and the food culture there is innovative and delicious!
I love those little carts with foods from around the world available on a square block.
 I was surprised to see so many blogs, websites, and small clothing pattern companies I am into right now are all located here.
Real estate is cheap and we love old houses.
Portland is full of adorable old houses at affordable (at least compared to So. California ) prices.
You can easily navigate the city by bicycle, and there are actually real, live bookstores everywhere!
There are shops for raising chickens, making jam, candles, gardening, and lots of homey stuff I love to do.
They call it urban homesteading up there, and it's a big trend. 
A chicken in every yard !
I think Portland is setting the trend for the handmade movement and many other cities will be following in its footsteps.
It's interesting that the activities of the country folk of this dear US ,who I might add are a generally religious and conservative group, have been adopted and turned into a huge trend by the urban and mostly liberal folks of that fair city. They have turned the age old art of making jam into something  Cool.
But living off the land is a great ideal for everyone, regardless of their political leanings. 
Why should those who only live in the country wreak the benefits of home grown eggs and freshly grown veggies?
Here was a funny scene I encountered in Portland:
Waiting in line at Salt & Straw for some hand crafted ice cream (sea salt laden caramel chips infused with organic cherries) served up amidst carefully collected and curated farm antiques decorating the shop: Two women were discussing the vegan diets their dogs were on. Vegan dog food?
Can you imagine the smirks on the faces if some real honest to goodness farmers like my next door neighors were listening this? 
I love traveling!
So what was the verdict on moving there?
Poor Richard suffered debilitating allergies the whole time. He must have been allergic to many of the abundant plants and trees there. So for now, it is a NO.


  1. Hahaha! Yep, overhearing a conversation about vegan dog food while waiting in line for gourmet ice cream pretty much sums up Portland. So glad you made it to Salt & Straw, that's one of our favorite places (and so close to Bolt!). It would be so cool if you moved to town! There is truly so much inspiration to be taken just from living here. We'd love to have you. :)

    1. Thanks Kirsten.
       I enjoyed going to Bolt too! The selection was very good but I am a little spoiled by the wholesale prices I find in LA. I ended up buying some ticking fabric to make a bag with and a mustache print for my nine year old who is into mustaches! I was tempted to buy some Figgy's patterns but have some similar patterns in a Japanese book. We don't have any of the independent patternsbesides Colette and Oliver & S available in LA. BTW did you read the article about the sewing scene in Portland in Thursday's paper?

  2. I've also been amused to see all these tasks being turned into the new hipster culture. It's funny because my friend's mom, who used to can regularly on a farm in Russia in order to survive the winter, is confused about how such an onerous (to her) task got turned into something cool and fun for today's city-dwellers. Same goes for my mom, who used to work in a garment factory, and is now taken aback by how many people sew "for fun."

  3. I'm glad you're not moving! Stay in the sunshine.

    1. Yes Fiona, I would miss the weather here!

    2. The summers absolutely perfect here!!
      No rain, no humidity, 70-80 with a cool breeze every day!
      I miss the snow in winter (it doesn't really snow), and the rain isn't bad... It's more like a misting or heavy drizzle during the "rainy season"

  4. You just dodged a bullet. Congrats!!!!

  5. Darn, you wouldn't have had to even travel for Spring Quilt Market next May! Your account of Portland sounds very inviting. I've only driven through on my way to CA and what I saw from the road was quite nice, but I had no idea all that craftiness was going on.

  6. Wow, vegan dog food! Portland seems beautiful! Chickens in every yard, sounds wonderful. Have a great day! xo Heather

  7. I love Portland! It's true canning, sewing, chickens, goats - all popular and totally cool. The rain is a little excessive, although it keeps things very green around here.

  8. It would be great if you all moved!! We just moved last September from Philly and we love it!!!
    You'd be surprised at how many avid meat eaters there are here too, lol. Lots of bacon and smoked meats, rib joints and charcuterie and about close to a billion pho restaurants!!! I was pleasantly surprised!!

    They just opened a new salt-n-straw by my work too!!

    I vote you move!! ;-)


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