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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Peek Inside Kids Pants. A Japanese Pattern Book.

I am so crazy about my Japanese pattern books! 
I wanted to show you a few pictures inside one of the books I have been using.
Kids Pants.
Here is a link I found on Etsy where you will find it for sale. Of course, it is a lot more expensive than buying the book in Japan. But so worth it.
I was unsure about using Japanese patterns because of the language barrier but the illustrations in the directions are so clear you really don't need to read the written instructions. Measurements are written on the technical drawings . I am a visual learner so I would prefer drawings to written instructions anyway.
I will also be writing another post about tips on cutting and sewing the actual patterns that come with each book .
It's very similar to using Burdastyle magazine patterns, but the directions are much better, even though I don't  read Japanese!

Stop by in a couple of days to see what I made!
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  1. There is some seriously cool styles there. I love the significant lack of ruffles :-) Looking forward to see what you make!

  2. I too love the Japanese sewing books, My favourite is Gosu Rori which is something I am working on at the moment and getting ready to blog about. The illustrations are fab arn't they.

  3. I am thinking about trying to sew with Japanese pattern books so I'm really looking forward to all your insight and seeing some of your finished stuff!!

  4. Oh I am so happy to have stumbled on to you!! I have been itching to order a few of those books but just knew I would be crying while flipping through page after page of beautiful things I couldn't comprehend. I am going to put my order in now!! Woo Hoo!


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