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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Making shorts : Japanese Pattern

The horror.
 My three year old has flatly refused to have anything to do with dresses.
"I not yike jesses !" She says

Asking her nicely won't work.
 Bribing her with lollipops won't work.
Threatening her with a time out won't work.
In fact, the only thing that did work was telling her that she was not about to put on a dress but a "costume".
I have raised three girls before her so I thought I knew all of the tricks,but every child seems to find a new angle.

As soon as I put a dress on her she rips it off and demands a t- shirt. 
What does this mean for this mom who loves to sew dresses for her little girl ?
 It means all of the dresses I have sewn for her sit umworn and unloved in her armoire.

Just the thought of it makes me sad!

 So I can wait.
 And hope she will change her mind like she did about her hatred of taking baths and going down the slide.

Or I can accept her decision and support it by making shorts, tops and pants for awhile!
I think that would be the best decision.

 I have already started sewing some shorts and tops for this determined little miss with her newly developing fashion sense.

shorts on the line button

So along came a sew a long just at the right time for my sewing needs
Shorts on the line at Imagine Gnats !
I will be sewing along too.

The following photos are of some shorts I made from a Japanese pattern book I brought back from my Tokyo Trip and a t shirt I made for her big sister a long time ago.

it's a little hard to tell from this photo but these shorts have a casing with little drawstrings pulled through that tie at the sides.

I love brown gingham! I also bought this fabric on my trip.

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  1. I know exactly whatt you're talking about... Also have three-year-old girl at home, who has a very unpredictable fashion taste. Today she wanted to dress like a football-player like her big brother... I think of all the dresses I have bought lying in her chest of drawers. Fortunately I haven't gone into the realm of sewing girls' dresses as I had a nagging suspicion it wouldn't be appreciated...
    Good luck to you though, and they may change their minds about dresses any minute, you never know... :)

  2. I have the reverse youngest has decided that she doesn't like shorts and would prefer skirts or dresses!lol The shorts are darling! I like the casing and ties at the hem.

  3. Hah, those shorts are adorable! I wouldn't stress too hard about the dress thing; for one, my sister and I were both the same way from ages roughly 3-6 and we both came out the other side. For another, what does it matter? Clearly you can garb her just as adorably in things with separated legs!

    (I also wouldn't give up on the dresses she has now quite yet--it took me long years, but a number of my baby cousins have had far more changeable and short-term attitudes about this stuff. She may still fit some or all of 'em if/when she comes back around!)

    1. Come to think of it I don't think I would agree to wear a dress until the third grade!

  4. How about a shorter than normal dress with a pair of those cute bloomers underneath? Think 1930s-1940s! Love the fabric of the shorts. Awesome!

  5. Variety delectat. You can discover the world of pants, and make them girly. :o)

  6. They are so cute! Thanks for sewing along! :)

  7. I feel for you. I have one granddaughter and she dislikes anything that even smacks of being girly! :( So, I'm sewing for my daughter's hope chest with the wish that she may someday have a girly girl. The shorts are adorable!

  8. Who needs dresses with these cute shorts!! Love them.

  9. Crazy cute shorts! If she is asking for a t-shirt what about making her jersey dresses? Do you think that would make a difference?

  10. Love the shorts cute.. And she seems to be happy with them..
    I have twin grandaughters that are 7 .. And it is so funny, because one of them loves pink and girly dresses /dolls and all girly things.. The other one...totally opposite.. She wants to wear camoflouge and play with her brothers toys.. I looked forward to making them cute dresses alike.. but that only lasted a little while, until Ashlee said.."no way!"/ha.
    I only had one daughter and she was very girly and still till this day loves dresses.. So....... I didn't know how to do the un-girly girl. But.. I keep day she will decide a pretty dress is in order????????/ lol

    1. Now that I think about it, I was like your camo wearing granddaughter. I would not wear a dress until the third or fourth grade. Now I prefer them. My folks were a little worried. Ha!

  11. Just so precious, and beautifully sewn!

  12. These are the sweetest shorts!! Happy to be your newest follower! Found you through your sweet flea market cart tutorial! The Rose Bowl Flea is my favorite! Wishing you a beautiful and creative weekend! xo Heather

  13. Where to start?! I am IN LOVE with the brown gingham and LOVE the drawstrings!!! These are fantastic and I want that fabric ;)

    1. Thanks Jacki. I think most everyone loves gingham on kids! I like how brown is abit more modern.


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