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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wearing our handmades everyday

I was a little late to the Instagram scene but have been using it lately as a fun and easy way to document me and my girls and how often we wear our handmade clothing. I thought I would share a few outfits we wore this week.
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Me in a Burda pattern I made two years ago and still wear a lot.
 Gigi in her comic book tee. Self drafted .
 Gigi in a self drafted tee with semi puffed sleeves
 Isabelle in the simple self drafted dolman tee I made her. A great basic.
 Lily in her mustache dress I made her in September.
 Me in my thrifted fabric dress I made almost two years ago.
Gigi in her suspender skirt I made last October.
Here is me in my feather print top I made last week.
This one isn't from Instagram but here is Isabelle in the Galaxy she wore to a dance last weekend.  I made it for her in September. It's a simple silk, tube dress with a high low hem that she turned to the side. And not too revealing!

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  1. Love LOVE the Burda pattern shirt (first picture). Very flattering, do you have the name of it? Would love to make one too!

    1. yes, it's Burda 7678 ! I have made two and love this pattern,

  2. I LOVE the mustache dress. I want one for me!

  3. The stuff I made for the boys in the fall has been worn as quickly as it can be washed and worn again - I love that. I feel like the things I make in knit get the most wear by the boys, it is just what they can play in so easily.

  4. Sustainable sewing - love the concept. I discovered your blog during the PRP and have been following since, really enjoy creativity.

  5. Wow. I love this pics. Your little one really looks like you in the top photo. And I love the Burda top and the red print dress you're wearing in the pic with the sunglasses.


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