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Friday, February 8, 2013

Considering Sewing For My Husband

If you follow my blog you will know that I went to San Francisco two weeks ago and spent a CONSIDERABLE Sum of money on some beautiful Italian wool melton, flannel backed satin lining, and horn buttons at Britex fabrics. The reason? My husband who has never asked me to make him anything, has asked me to make him a tailored peacoat.

And I will tell you this husband has considerable and very particular taste.... he won't buy anything made in factories overseas in China, Bangladesh, and God knows where else American companies are now having their clothes sewn so they can sell them for ever lower and lower prices. H buys handmade leather jackets, buys his boots and most of his clothing from companies which only produce their merchandise in the US or Europe, and gets his jeans from a special company in Japan which bought the original looms from the Levi's company. Before his business attire became more casual he was very particular about the quality of his suits and if he could have afforded it, I have no doubt he would have had them made on Saville Row. As it was he found a special source online where he found handmade English shoes for an incredible deal. Living this way has not been cheap it's true. But he doesn't buy a lot and takes care of the things he has because they were expensive. Plus, they are made well and things made well last a long time.

Once on a trip to Tokyo he spent hours researching where to buy the best knives and we had to trek in the pouring rain to a special shop where the knives have been handmade in the same way for hundreds of years.

Many might consider him a snob about the things of which I speak, but I don't think he is. He just appreciates things that are made well and with care. He worries about the future of our country and the attitude out there that cheaper is better and more junk is better. In short, he is a man who lives by his principles. And he is a patriot.

The recession has been rough on us and it would be a lot easier to just go to the mall and buy some clothes at the Gap, Old Navy, or J Crew. But he made a promise he wouldn't buy anything made in substandard factories over seas where the workers are often exploited and the companies who subcontract them have no idea about it, or they just turn their heads.he was very sad when Ralph Lauren started making their products overseas because he wasn't going to buy them anymore.

I would say he is a little like Steve McQueen because of his former race car driving and present motorcycle hobby, a little Ernest Hemingway because he loves travelling, hunting, and his guns, and a little Felix from the Odd Couple because he is very neat and even has his money in his wallet organized.. while I am the other guy, the messy one... My wallet has dollars every which way if they even make it into the wallet, my closet looks like a bomb went off, and I won't even mention my car. Once I pulled up to a Hollywood A list club with a car load of girlfriends . When the valet opened the door, several baby bottles fell of it and onto the sidewalk in front of all the most likely childless hipsters waiting out front.

So, back to sewing, wouldn't you just be the least bit nervous to make a guy like this a coat? I am! I'm actually more nervous than when I made the wedding gown! I hope he likes it when I am done!

Today I am cutting out the pattern from the Japanese Pattern Book I ordered. Since Richard is a 42 regular in coats, and the largest size in the book is a 38, i will have to make the pattern bigger, the first order of the day.

Wish me luck!
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  1. I know how you feel, Justine, recently I finished a long, princess line coat for a friend and was very nervous throughout the whole process although that was not the most expensive wool-mixture fabric.
    Good luck, I'm with you. :o)

  2. I saw lots of men's coats popping up on your Pinterest pages. I had a suspicion you were heading in that direction. I am super excited for you, Justine. I'm cheering for you. This will be great inspiration for me to branch out into menswear and finally sew something for my honey. I can't tell you how much your wedding dress inspired me. Awesome!

  3. I saw your pins, too, and knew there must be some menswear on the horizon! Very cool, Justine! I made Michael a coat a couple years ago, and although it was probably my most challenging project, it's very rewarding when I see him wearing it. Can't wait to see your creation...I'm sure it will be an chic as you are!

  4. Good Luck Justine:) Its only once that I sewed for me a boxer shorts ;) Somehow Isnt it more colorful and decorative when it comes to the world of sewing for the female ;)

  5. By the way Justine .., Is the draft along thing still around ?

  6. Best of luck, Justine! I think you're more than up for the challenge.:)

  7. Justine,
    I can't wait to see your hubby's coat, I know it will be excellent.. and I wish we all would be more careful about buying from foreign countries and try to buy from USA.
    I laughed when you talked about the billfolds.. Oh, mine is awful.. I have dollars falling out ever which way, and one of my like your husband, hers is so organized.. She once told me.."oh Lord, You drive me nuts with your purse," lol

  8. Whoa. What an honor to be asked by such a man. God-speed in this labor of love.


  9. Maybe check out the Male Pattern Boldness blog. He's tried lots of patterns. Maybe there is one in his posts similar to what you are looking for, although a lot of his patterns are vintage.

  10. I think it is admirable he has remained so true to his convictions. Thanks for sharing this story, and I hope it inspires people to think twice before buying something from a company that exploits people for profit.

  11. Good luck on getting the coat just right. It sounds like your husband should meet my boyfriend! They seem to have similar tastes by the sound of it. What company is it that he buys his jeans from? My guy would love something like that.


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