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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LMFAO Hip Hop Kids Style

Today I participated in a  blog series called Sew In Tune . Bloggers were to make a kids outfit inspired by a song.
I wasn't so much inspired by a song but more by the crazy style that is LMFAO. 
We love dancing to their songs!

LMFAO style
I used to be quite the party rocking girl myself, but nowadays I'm more likely to be shufflin' with my kids in the kitchen on a Friday night over at the Sew Country Ranch.
My party rocking days may be over but Gigi's are just beginning!
You Go Girl!
I wanted to copy the crazy animal print dropped crotch pants, and the graphic t shirt. And the BIG glasses!
I made the pants by altering a legging pattern I drafted and by refashioning a t shirt from Joann with some clever cutting and words cut out with my silhouette machine.

glitter toms DIY
And if you are wondering why the kid is barefoot..... I made these sparkled Tom's with Mod Podge and glitter to go with the outfit but one fell out of our stroller!
Gigi even had a little fur vest to complete her LMFAO look but would she wear it at the photo shoot? Of course not!

Add caption
We took these photos down at the Venice Beach boardwalk... you may have seen the LMFAO video "I'm Sexy And I know It" that was filmed here. Venice is a little freaky and a little funky. And I pretty much grew up roller discoing myself down there.
Holy Cow! Yes, Venice is pretty freaky...... country bumpkins beware.

Goodbye from Gigi's Party Rock sisters and mom!
So yes, this is a long post.
 Below I am outlining the process of creating this outfit.

First, I bought a kids size 14 flourescent plain t shirt at the hobby store. I placed one of my kids T shirts against it tio create adolman sleeve top. With the remainder of the fabric on the bottom I made a waistbad in her waist measurement. I gathered the top part and sewed it to the band.
To make the top I cut out letters with the Bauhaus font on my Silhouette cutter, I ironed the fabric onto double sided applique paper. Then ironed it to the shirt and used my sewing machine to sew a satin stitch around the letters. 

 To make drop waist or what I call MC HAmmer pants you can trace a normal legging pattern. Then lower the crotch depth and make the legs wider like I did by tracing around your original pattern. Make a separate waistband and add elatic to it. You can also taper in the bottom of the legs some more. I did.
These glittered shoes are easy. Just mix some glitter with some fabric Mod Podge and paint it on. The Mod Podge will dry clear and you will only see the glitter.

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  1. Gigi is tooo cute.. and she rocks this outfit.. Fantastic Mama..

  2. This is just brilliant! Double-sided appliqué paper??!! How did I not know about the existence of this stuff? Great outfit, she looks very sassy in it.

  3. your family looks like so much fun! neon, rollerskates, beach, hah! great post and outfit!

  4. so cute awesome job on the outfit


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