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Monday, February 25, 2013

B Black & Sons, Tailor Shop To The Stars

I bought the goat hair canvas from my previous post about tailoring Richard's Pea Coat at a tailor supply shop in downtown LA called Black & Sons.
 If you are ever in LA and interested in buying tailor supplies you MUST go to this shop. It's been there since 1922 and is a veritable institution. All the big movie costume designers shop there and the fabric for many period film costumes was purchased there. There are two floors of amazing woolens and shirtings at all different prices. The prices aren't as low as the textile district nearby but they are lower than the fabric stores across town and most online sites. 
It's tucked into a seedy line of shops on dilapidated Los Angeles street in downtown LA, near skid row. Hang on to your handbags ladies!
It's like going back in time as you peruse the musty wooly smelling shop!
Just my kind of place....

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