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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ventura Fairgrounds Flea Market June 2011

This last week I was planning on taking a road trip up north to the evergreen state of Washington. Richard wants to visit Seattle and I have a lot of relatives up there.
One of my other reasons for wanting to go to Washington on this week in particular was to go to the Farm Chicks Antique and Craft Show in Spokane. I love reading Country Living Magazine and they always make a big deal about this event. I also would like to see Portland because that sounds like such a crafty town.
Richard had some things come up with work and we had to postpone the trip. Instead of the Farm Chicks sale, yesterday we went to the Ventura Flea Market on the beach in Ventura about 25 minutes away. The Antiques Fair With Ocean Flair!
Here is today's flea market show & tell.

Me in my me made skirt and sunhat made from an old feed-sack I bought at this same flea market last year. My skirt pattern-making tutorial can be found here.  I'm wearing the Bensimon sneakers I bought in France last June. I seem to be drawn to yellow shoes lately. Lily is wearing a vintage Brownie uniform from the fifties.

Cool Sewing Stuff:

Two miniature sewing machines. Unlike today's mini machines, these are sturdy and built to last.

Vintage Needle Cases. 

An old sewing basket I bought including all the notions inside.

An adjustable dress form from the early sixties.

A box of vintage yardage and two of the pieces I brought home. I can't wait to use the pink on a fifties pattern I have.

A large cabinet filled with unused fabric dyes.


The beginnings of the credit craze.

I love weird displays like these heads!

If I lived in the suburbs I would put these on my lawn.

I also love old cans but worry about cluttering up my house too much.

This vendor epitomizes the laid back vibe of this market.

Here we have Jennifer whose beautiful blog The Old Painted Cottage focuses on what I call Cottage Chic Decor. Bring on the burlap! I love this look.

I could spend hours looking at old photo albums like this.

Richard deciding to buy a duck decoy. Guy stuff.

Trying on a vintage Big Mac jacket. Richard is like Steve McQueen to me.

Lily deciding to purchase a Barbie Corvette. She bargained the vendor down to four dollars. Go Lily!

We bought this pencil sharpener. We are always misplacing the little cheap plastic ones.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour!
So now you can tell me, what types of things do you like to look at or buy from flea markets and swap meets?



  1. Love the sewing box! So bummed to have missed it~ we were driving home from a mini vacation yesterday.

  2. I'm GREEN with envy! why OH WHY don't we have flee markeds like this in DK??!!!
    How much was the corvette to start with? I think it's so cool that you're letting her get/buy her own stuff and make the bargining herself! It will come in handy later in her life - life is one long negotiation!

  3. I can't believe I missed the flea market! I live in Ventura....epic fail. It looks like you found some awesome treasures though!

  4. It was really nice meeting you yesterday. Thanks for stopping in my booth!


  5. WOW! Looks like you had a great time. I would love to go to something like this. Thank for letting us into you day.

  6. Such cool stuff! I actually have a few of those exact same vintage needle books. :]

  7. This looks like a really fun day, your skirt is fab and I'm just in love with your daughter's outfit - such a cute cardi! :)

  8. What awesome treasures you found.....we do no have much of a selection here...sadly! Thanks for visiting my blog....I was married in you were pretty much bang on!


  9. The sewing needles I just buy were the Sewing Susan brand. I wish I could find a sewing form.

  10. (sigh) you have such cool markets in the US... nothing but rubbish is ever sold here...

  11. Love this post - there are some cool treasures at the Ventura Flea Market. I've linked to this post in today's Daily Brief.

  12. I would have spent so much money at this market. So much fabulous stuff. I want the pink flamingos.
    On the weekend, I bought an old fashion black telephone with a round finger dial. I had wanted one for ages.

  13. Dane Mum lily only bargained them Dow one dollar. I don't want her to get too aggressive!

  14. Ooh I love old telephones. I hardly use my land line anymore but an old one would look so nice on the table
    jurists, what market did you go to?

  15. Oh my, I have a daughter who would love to shop with you!! She has many old photos of people she does not know on her bedroom walls.
    Love the Barbie convertible! Thanks for sharing your shopping event!

  16. I wish we had flea markets around here! All our markets are just people reselling cheap japanese crap :(


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