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Monday, June 20, 2011

Me Made June: Week In Review

Monday I wore this  green silk twill skirt I blogged here and my Mens Liberty shirt refashion I blogged here. Warning, this Liberty post is a long one...

Tuesday I wore this black and white self- drafted bias dress which I never blogged about because I didn't really like it and tossed it aside. But I accessorized it heavily for last week's SewWeekly Black and White Ascot Challenge and gave it a new lease on life. I think I was a little hard on this poor dress. Kind of like when I see a picture of myself and think," I look so old and tired!" Then I look at the photo again months later and think, "Oh well, maybe it's not so bad after all"..

Wednesday I wore this dress I just finished from a 1953 pattern blogged here.
On Thursday I didn't wear anything Me Made but I did use this purse I made last year which I blogged about here.

On Friday and Saturday I wore the same outfit TWICE. You see, I only wore it for a little while on Friday because I was in my PAJAMAS sewing most of the day! I didn't feel it was dirty thus, I wore it again Saturday. Water conservation is important when you live off of a well. The skirt was the same pattern as the green one pictured above and really simple to make. The top was bought at Anthropologie last summer.
This is my French Casual Look. I always feel chic when I wear navy and white stripes. Somehow it makes shopping at the downtrodden Vons in this cowpoke town just a little more tolerable. Une certaine Je nais se quois!
Yesterday I wore this dress above for a Father's Day dinner I made for my husband and my dad. I raided this Forever 21 number from my fifteen year olds closet. It was a little big on her and it was a bubble skirted minidress with lots of little pinches in it. I took out the bubble and all the little gathering pinches in it and it lengthened about 8 inches making it less Forever 21 ish.because although I may always be Forever 21, I don't want to look like I shop there!


  1. I thought I was the only one who did that with my daughters clothes! Lol. I have to alter them too & sometimes once she sees the changes....she wants to wear it again! That dress looks so fab on you!

  2. i love all your outfits :) the 50's dress is great and i love the skirt that you wore twice...lovely!

  3. WOW Justine, all of your outfits are awesome. I especially love the black and white with the jacket and hat. You look very elegant. I bet Princess Kate would wear that outfit.

  4. I love your ensembles/bag on Wednesday, Thursday and Father's Day, they are my favourite of them all. Great that you can wear a whole week of made-by-mes!

  5. Thanks for your kind comments! Jane you need to get back to your blog! I miss you!

  6. I love all of your outfits. And I really love the photo of you and the baby!


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