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Monday, June 27, 2011

Burdastyle 102 June 2010

We have been loving all the white creations lately. Isabelle wanted something summery to wear to the beach. I know we will be sharing this this summer! This is pretty much a total knock off from Burdastyle magazine from last June. If you would like to make one the pattern is available at Burdastyle as a very inexpensive download. That girl of mine has some ATTITUDE, doesn't she? 

Pattern Used:
Burdastyle 102 June / 2010

Original inspiration:
Modcloth dress


  1. That looks wonderful! I very much wish to sew myself one like that!
    great sewing! ;)

  2. Awesome, she will be the belle of the beach.

  3. So the fabric!

  4. Looks fabulous - I love the detail on the hem.

  5. o my goodness, how lovely! you are very talented!


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