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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Past Week: Garage Sale Finds

 Don't get mad at me because I'm about to boast about the incredible prices I paid at a yard sale last week. Mind you, I brought home a lot more, but below was all I took pictures of. 
A set of canisters $1.00

Skirt marker 1.00$, redwork tablecloth 10 cents, several yards of vintage lace, 1.00$, several blue mason jars of which only one is shown, 75 cents each. In the backgound is a shabby chic style mirror I paid a dollar for, and old fruit wire basket for a dollar and some vintage aprons which were fifty cents each. I really should have taken more pictures .

An antique feed sack quilt cover for 3.00$ and a chenille peacock bedspread, 5.00$The bedspread fits perfectly on my king size bed.
A 1943 mens pattern, 75 cents.

May I introduce you to my new dress form bought off of Craigslist? She doesn't have a name yet but she's a childs size six. She came with two free boxes of vintage patterns. My son thinks it looks like an effigy hanging in the dining room. Isn't it something when your kids' vocabulary starts to surpass your own!

Some of the patterns that came with my dress form.
Note the sizes on the patterns above. The skirt is a waist 24 and the shorts are a waist 25. Women were so small back then! I wonder if its because they always wore girdles? Speaking of which, does anyone wear a girdle with their vintage dress creations? If you ever make a wiggle dress, it would probably be a good idea. I wore a special girdle after my last baby and I swear it helped bring everything back in faster. An old Mexican woman told me about it and I started doing research and learned girdles are worn after childbirth in Asia, Mexico, and some other countries to bring the tummy back down!


  1. You scored big time!! Great finds. I occasionally wear a girdle under some of my dresses, more in Autumn and Winter though. I get too hot in the warmer months.
    I always find it funny when people say to me that women were a different shape back then, then they are today. I mean yes, people generally were not as big as they are today but average size people were still the same shape. They just wore different underwear such as a girdle, bullet bras etc. to manipulate their shape and create a smaller waist. I didn't know though that wearing a girdle can make your shape change long term. If this is true, I need to wear mine every day from now on ;-)

  2. wow! you did a great job finding junk! i love those canisters and all your finds. the dress form is so cool...i have one too and it is in my living room...her name is daphne.
    i didn't know that about the girdle thing. maybe i should try it, even though my baby is 3!!

  3. Wow! What great stuff!! Just found your blog and am enjoying reading through your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jealous--what great finds! I would have snapped up the vintage sewing errata too. And that peacock bedspread, wow!

  5. We love those canisters! They are so sweet! And what a great deal! The peacock bedspread is very nice and bright. Great finds!

    Have a great week,
    Laura and Michele

  6. Wow Justine you really scored.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow what true treasure finds..jealous!

  8. AWESOME!!! Those are the best sales ever!! I love cheap vintage goodness!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  9. The canisters are wonderful. It's all wonderful, but they are my fav's.


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