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Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to make a petaled fabric flower

1.To make this frayed petaled flower you first have to make a pattern for the leaves.

                                        2. Draw two petal patterns  like this . Make one a little  smaller.

3. Cut out five petals in each size.

4. Close the dart and zig zag it closed and zig zag the edges of the petals.

5. Here are the  ten sewn petals.
6. Cut out a circle as a base for the petals. It should be small enough to sew the petals on .

7. Glue the petals to the circle. Let them dry.

8. Now whipstitch the petals to the circle from behind.

8. Sew a button to the center to secure all the petals to the circle. You can attach the flower to a headband or pin now.

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  1. OOO nice, nice nice. I might even try to do this ( iam not a sewer, but I think I could do this!


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