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Monday, January 10, 2011

1920's Blouse

My husbands' friend came over on New Years Day to go duck hunting with him . He brought me a large box of vintage hats someone had given to his daughters . His daughters had picked out their favorites and he thought I might like to use the rest at the theatre for costumes. The hats are from the fifties and sixties and I was grateful for this kind gesture . I was going through the box when I found a wrinkled piece of silk at the bottom,  which didn't look like much, maybe a scrap of fabric from one of the hats. As I unfolded it, my pulse started to quicken as it always does when I think I might be finding something interesting. I realized it was some sort of shirt and after carefully ironing it this was how it looked below. 

It is a navy silk blouse with a striped colar and cuffs and a lace inset with silk buttons. I did some research on it and I believe it's from the 1920's. Sadly the sleeves are in shreds so I'm not sure what to do with it. Maybe I will reuse the collar and cuffs somehow.

          Above is an ad from a 1920's magazine. The blouses are a similar style to the one I found. That was a pretty good sale !

Above is a photo of a ladies tennis club in the 1920's. How did women run around in those outfits? They also wore long woolen dresses to swim in which would have gotten extremely heavy when wet.

This is a detail of the collar and lace inset. The quality of workmanship in antique garments always astounds me. I love the detail of the sewn on silk buttons at the center front, collar, and cuffs.

The mock cuff.


  1. I hope you saw <artin Scorsese's Boardwalk Empire for more inspiration on this period. Love your blog. XXXX

  2. just to have the blouse around to look at is great...I often hang a garment on the wall or back of door so I can admire it.

  3. I have several garments hanging on the wall as well!

  4. What an interesting find. I love vintage garments, especially the little extra details that set them apart.


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