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Friday, January 14, 2011

Simplicity 2618 knit blouse

I love posting reviews and reading reviews for the website Whenever I'm going to sew a commercial pattern I like to look up the finished products on this site to see what they look like on regular people since most anything looks good on the models on the pattern. Originally I made the dress in the third picture above with this Missoni like rayon fabric I bought last year . I envisioned a really fashionable dress with a slight seventies feel. Well, the dress looked pretty horrible with a drop waist and it was extremely unflattering in the tummy area so I ended up chopping off the skirt to make it back into the top shown in the first picture on the pattern.  I then realized the top was too short so I added a double layer band to the bottom. This project ended up being a real headache but the end result is pretty cute.

Stitched down tucks at the neckline

The double sided band I added at the waistline to make it longer.

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