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Friday, January 21, 2011

Making an ironing board cover : No sew method

My finished cover

I found a great wooden ironing board at my favorite local vintage shop. I sew in my dining room and usually leave my machine and ironing board out and I don't like the way metal ironing boards look. Not to mention the new ones are really lightweight and tip over so easily. With a one year old always exploring the house I needed an ironing board that wouldn't tip over easily and of course I didn't want to spend a fortune on one from a store like Restoration Hardware. As much as I love Restoration Hardware. So I found this wooden one for thirty dollars and  loved it. The only problem was whoever owned it before just tacked a new covering on when the old one got gross. It must have had over ten layers of fabric and batting on it. So this wooden ironing board sat in my dining room for a good six months with its' stained, torn, and strangely puffy cover. Isn't it funny how you notice somethings' flaws when you first buy it but after living with it for a little while you kind of get used to it? Like relationships I guess. Well, the other day I decided " This is the day I am going to do something about this ironing board. " And so I did. And here is how.

First you need a wooden ironing board. They are to be found mostly at flea markets. This is what mine looked like for six months. This i-phone photo actually makes it look better. Trust me it was GROSS!

Turn it over and pry off the tacks.

Do you see how many layers of fabric foam and batting there are? Some of the batting was actually great quality and pure quilted cotton so I put it aside for future use.

Cut out a piece of your chosen fabric this way: Lay the ironing board on top of the fabric and cut the fabric with about a six inch allowance.

Now hammer the fabric down with upholsterers tacks, being careful of any little feet nearby!

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