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Monday, August 2, 2010

Find of the Week 1965 Monark bike

I was at the Goodwill the other day for their monthly 50 per cent off sale to stock up on old wool sweaters that I intend to refashion and sell on Etsy when I found this cute bike sitting there. It was only 10 dollars so of course I bought it. I already have two bikes, a mountain bike from ten years ago when I was doing my outdoor chick thing and a beach cruiser I used to use all the time when we lived near the beach. Even if I couldn't use this bike, I have three daughters at home and one of them would be bound to love this "antique".

When I got it home and started cleaning it I noticed the original bike license from the " City of Torrance 1965 expiring 1968". How cool is that? Oh and the bike is also made in England.
Upon trying to find a suitable parking space in my shed , I started pulling things out and organizing and cleaning which led to a massive three day clean up which had me loading my pickup truck for three trips to the dump, cleaning several pieces of old furniture which I listed on Craigslist, and taking a truckload of things back to the same Goodwill where I originally bought my bike

 There was a community event going on at the dump for residents to take their big trash items for ten dollars a truckload. Upon pulling into the dump there were so many giant piles, some with perfectly good looking pieces of furniture and bikes and toys on them it got me thinking about how much we waste and consume in this country. Even poor people here have too much stuff.

I asked one of the volunteers where everything goes and fortunately some of it is recycled but a lot of it just gets dumped in the landfill sadly. It's like our whole country has just woken up with a big hangover from all the overspending which occurred before this recession started. Hopefully we will all be wiser about consuming so freely in the future. Needless to say I didn't get any sewing done this weekend but now I'm leaner and meaner and ready to roll!

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