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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Simplicity 2405 adding a neckline insert for modesty

Pattern envelope
Low gaping neckline
Addition of a fabric panel.
I shirred the panel with narrow elastic on the wrong side.
I added a braided trim to cover the stichline from the added modesty panel. 
The finished result. It looks good on Isabelle but it was a disaster to make!
I decided to make a maxi dress from some really interesting Anna Sui Fabric I found on sale. I bought  Simplicity Pattern  2405 and based on my measurements I should be a size 12. Well when I sewed it up it was huge! Of course I was too lazy to make a test pattern from some cheaper fabric so I ended up having to take it in about 4 inches from the sides and this threw off the fit of the whole garment. To top it of the bustline was too low and gaping  so I had to figure out how to add some kind of panel . I came up with the idea above. Once I attached themodesty panel I noticed there were some cheap looking stichlines around the neckline which I wanted to hide so I fashioned a braid to sew on by hand to cover the stitchmarks.
The conclusion I have come to regarding store bought patterns is that by the time I finish correcting all the mistakes on the fit of the pattern I might as well build a garment from scratch. I pulled out my old patternmaking books from FIDM and I bought a  new book called: Design It Yourself Clothes and I am going to be making more original patterns from now on. Commercial patterns never seem to fit right, sorry Simplicity!
Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified

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