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Monday, August 9, 2010

Rolling trolley flea market cart liner tutorial

  1. O.K. so I have to admit I spent another Saturday night at my sewing machine. I was planning on going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday morning and I always see this stand there that sells liners for carts like mine. I believe they are about 25$ each and the fabrics are kind of boring . I always say to myself," I can just make one of those things, I'd rather save the money." I inevitably ending up buying something small and it gets all banged up against the wire in my cart. Making a liner is pretty simple.
  2. Measure the 4 sides of the cart and add a half inch to each side. Measure the floor of the cart and add 1/2 inch seam allowance too. You will have 5 pieces to cut from your main fabric, I chose an old western themed fabric I have had lying around since my 16 year old was little. I was going to do his room in a cowboy theme with it but decided it was too feminine.
  3. Cut the same size pieces out of another fabric for the lining. I used an old sheet I don't use anymore.
  4. Sew up the two cart linings separately.
  5. Cut 8 long pieces for straps about 20 inches by 4 inches.
  6. You will iron each strap piece in half right sides facing together. Stitch up along the edge of the long piece of the tie .
  7. Use a safety pin to turn them right side out then turn the raw edges in and stitch across them.
  8. Fold the straps in half and place them along the upper edge of one of the sacks facing down on the right side of the fabric.Place the folded edge along the upper edge of the lining. The folded strap will look like two when you are finished.
  9. Now place your lining inside the outer liner right sides together. Stitch along the top edge leaving about a 5 inch space open so you can flip it right side out
  10. Turn it right side out and iron the little 5 inch space shut and stitch it closed!


  1. I really love this! I want one now!

  2. I love this! I trundle my cart to the grocery two blocks away at least once a week. Thinking of adding a pocket for tissues, debit card, etc.


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