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Monday, August 26, 2013

DIY Striped Flowered Tote: #MarthaDecoupage

The other day I got a lovely box of goodies from Martha Stewart Decoupage in the mail to try out.
In it contained some new products designed for creating decoupage on fabric!
There was a special glue for creating an oilcloth finish on fabric, a matte formulation for gluing fabric to fabric permanently, some decoupage paint brushes, colorful paints, and a various assortment of die cut fabric appliques, which can all be found at Micheal's Craft Stores. And it's all machine washable. I've tried gluing on fabric before but the project was ruined when I washed it, so I'm so glad there is a product like this now.

Would you like to make one ? Here's how:
A plain tote from the hobby shop
2 inch wide painters tape
Acrylic paint
Martha Stewart Fabric to Fabric Durable Matte Finish formula
Martha Stewart Decoupage Fabric Die Cuts 

Tape stripes onto the tote every other 2 inches
Paint the white spaces and let dry.
Apply glue to the back of the die cuts and let dry.
Apple two coats of the decoupage glue over the appliques to seal it, letting it dry between each coat.
This is th epart my kids like to help out with. They love to glue and paint.
The appliques will be clear once they're dry.

 If you read my blog you know I love painting and manipulating fabric in new ways so I was very excited to try the products. I would have to say they are very good and easy to use. To learn more visit the Plaid Craft media channels below.

Disclosure:These products were provided to me free of charge and I was financially compensated for this post but the opinions in it are my own. 

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  1. Absolutely adorable, and in my favorite colors!

  2. This is super cute! I can't wait to get my hands on some of that oilcloth finish!

  3. Just when I think there can't possibly be another product I need to get my hands on...Definitely need to check this out. And your bag is spectacular!

  4. T-shirts! T-shirts! Looks like fun! And just in time for Christmas gift crafting...

  5. Love it! Such a cute summer bag! Pinning!

  6. This so cute, it would make a brill beach bag!

  7. Adorable.. I love it.. I will have to check out the new decoupage.. I love doing this kind of crafting.. thanks for sharing.

  8. Really cute! Perfect summer colors.


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