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Thursday, August 15, 2013

My last post about my bathroom. Promise. Read if you like vintage sheets....

Hey readers!
I have one more project from my vintage bathroom spruce up I wanted to share with you... promise!
And a few more photos of some of the vintage details I've added to the bathroom.
First up today:
A vintage sheet turned into a shower curtain.
I've collected a few of these sheets and was trying to figure out how to brighten up my bathroom when I realized my vintage sheet almost exactly matched my 70's bolt of wallpaper!
What a GROOVY accident!

vintage bed sheet curtain

So I sewed some buttonholes the same space apart as the buttonholes on my vinyl shower curtain liner, hemmed the sheet and PRESTO, a funky and totally unique shower curtain!

vintage wallpaper vintage suitcase
 There's that vintage wallpaper I mentioned. I found it on Etsy. I was so excited because there is about fifty yards of it...
Now what to do with the rest?
The cabinet was here when we moved here but was getting really grimy. So I started sanding it to repaint it. I liked how it looked sanded so I just left it that way.
That was easy!
And of course like any self respecting DIY blogger, I had to throw in a vintage suitcase somewhere...

I found these glass towel bars on E Bay. They're from the fifties and came in their original packaging. So cool!
Hopefully they won't break .

 I finally found a spot to hang this print I bought at The Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles.. Love that fair. This reminds me of my red typewriter.

 I painted the step stool too.
That's one of my daughter's paintings up on the wall.
I found this vintage suitcase print on a trip to Portland this year. Isn't Portland like the craftiest place on the planet? If you have Netflix or Hulu you should watch this show called Portlandia. Absolutely hilarious.. 
If you have no idea what I'm talking about because you're reading from Tanzania, or have thrown away your TV, watch this little snippet from the show...

Well that about sums it up for my vintage bathroom.
Here are two more projects I already blogged in it in cade you missed them...

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  1. I love that shower curtain! How clever! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. love your curtain...i too have a vintage sheet shower way could i have found such a cool one to buy...and especially for the $1.50 i spent for it!!!!
    your bathroom is lovely :)

  3. Wowza! Love your bathroom and all those very nice touches you added. The mod 'sheet' shower curtain and wallpaper is awesome. Love love love Portlandia, so funny, especially living somewhat close and visiting family on a regular basis, I hope they continue to make more episodes.

  4. Love the bathroom!!! It is so "funky chic"! I adore vintage sheets. I sleep on nothing else.

  5. That shower curtain is BEAUTIFUL!!! Just perfect with the wallpaper.. You have really made this bathroom ..SO pretty.. And I know, you have had fun, doing it..

  6. Your bathroom looks great, Justine! I love how the sheet turned shower curtain looks.:)

  7. Love it all! I love vintage sheets, and these look very similar to ones I loved when I was growing up: Your colors are a little less loud than mine were!


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