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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Interview With My 10 Year Old On Fashion

An Interview With My 10 Year Old About Fashion. Interviewed By Me.

Q: How do you feel about handmade clothes?
A: I like them.... accept I don't like them to look too crafty.

Q: How do you want them to look?
A: Like they aren't handmade.

Q: How do you feel about telling your friends your mom makes your clothes?
A: Fine. I don't care. I brag about it.

Q: What colors do you like?
A :I like the colors mint, baby pink, and  white. And blue. I also like colored denim shorts

Q: How about patterns on clothing?
A: No Peace signs, no hearts, and no things that say love! I like small patterns with little animals or florals. Most kids will probably think I'm stupid because everyone at my last school liked that stuff. I like things with turtles and Galaxy prints and I HATE Poo Poo pants ( harem pants) That's what Zac Posen calls them.

Q: Speaking of Zac Posen, how do you feel about fashion in general and Project Runway?
A: I like everything about it. I like the drama and to see how people make things. And I like Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum.

Q: I used to make you a lot of vintage fashions with 40's patterns. Would you wear those dresses now if I made you one?
A: If you made it like a modern vintage in a like a blue chambray or something I would wear it. Chambray would be nice.

A: Would you wear something with ruffles on it?
Q: If it was a shorter skirt. No ruffly sleeves. That's a big no no in my book.

So we decided to go through some of the pattern companies out there to let Lily choose some that she might consider wearing. She didn't like much. But she did find a few things on the Burdastyle website.
Lily's Pattern Picks:

Houndstooth Dress  largest size size 10
Girls Pullover sized up to 12.

Stop by next week to read my advice on sewing for girls this age ( also know as tweens) and also for sewing for teenagers. They are a rough crowd!

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  1. Great interview! I should sit down with my girls so I have a better idea of what they are into now so I don't buy patterns that are more my liking than theirs.

  2. I smiled OUT LOUD at this interview....very cute.

  3. That's great that she has a voice, I liked her choices and I think she knows exactly what she wants. Congratulations to the mom who listens to that! =)

  4. Great idea to get her point of view! And to find out that she likes Project Runway?! AWWW.. By the way, she has great taste! When my girls were younger they had a voice and had no problem telling me what they did and did not like. They wanted adult looking clothes when they were 6, no "Barney", "Winnie the Pooh", no cartoon characters at all! What a great post, sure brought back wonderful memories for me.

  5. I find sewing for my 16 year old works as long as SHE picks the pattern and SHE picks the fabric:) I pretty much let her have free rein unless it's an idea that I just do not think will work. The bonus is, now SHE is making a lot of her own stuff.

    1. Yes the older they get the less I become the designer and become more their own personal seamstress. I should teach them to sew but they aren't interested.

  6. what a cool post - and i love the patterns she chose!!!

  7. She sounds SO MUCH like my almost 10 year old daughter! It must be a tween thing.

  8. This is so cute! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to give me some feedback on what I make for her. We'll probably clash quite a bit, but I feel like she'll have a really "unique" sense of style.

  9. Oh, I´m so looking forwards to reading your post next week! My daughter is almost 9 and I cannot find a lot of patterns for her age. I cut the houndstooth dress last year, but never put it together because she was not too keen on the fabric or the shape of it. Your daughter really has a clear oppinion on fashion!

  10. This is so sweet...and what a great idea! And for sure an overlooked market!

  11. Thank you Lily and Mom for a wonderful interview. I really enjoyed it. My granddaughters are growing up and it is hard to pick out things to make for them.
    I love the patterns that Lily picked out, I will have to show Callie.. [she just turned 12].
    Justine...[I read your reply above about teaching our girls to sew... I have the same problem , my daughter loved -and still love having a seamstress!! But has no interest in sewing. lol I tried, but it didn't happen!!
    Hope you do more interviews with the girls.. SO fun.

  12. Great interview :) Sounds like Lily is a very articulate young lady who knows exactly what she wants :) Poo poo pants hahahaha Yeah I don't like them either :)

  13. I love that she knows what chambray is and I love the Poo poo pants!


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