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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sew & Tell Saturday April 7 and Sewing Blog News.

Welcome to Sew and Tell Saturday!
There is plenty of news today!

It was an interesting week in the sewing blogosphere with quite a few challenges either ending or just starting.
Here are a few:
 Many of you participated in the One Week One Pattern Challenge hosted by Tilly and The Buttons and I enjoyed looking at the many creative projects. 
 I can't really think of any pattern I like so much that I want to make five versions of it! Some of the bloggers were very creative and made totally new designs, improving on otherwise blah patterns. 
Another Challenge going on was the Mad Men Challenge hosted by Julia Bobbin  which also looked like a lot fun. There were many retro, sexy dresses made!

Mad Men Challenge Blogger Button

Click the buttons and links to see these projects I am mentioning. But after you check out the projects linked here!
Many of you are sewing tops or what I still like call "blouses" at the Spring Top Sew- A- Long hosted by Made By Rae  I am participating in it and had my top ( er...blouse) featured in last weeks finals.

Last but not least, Project Run and Play is starting next week! I will be trying to sew a long with that challenge when I return from my trip. It coincides perfectly with the Spring wardrobe I am working on for Gigi. I would love to be one of the featured designers for the competition but will just have to be happy with participating in the Flickr sew- a- long...sniff!

I will be hosting my own Sewing Challenge here at Sew Country Chick this June. 
It's going to be called  the
  My Mommy Made This Summer Sewing Challenge!
It's not going to be a competition but a group project where whoever wants to participate has to try to have their kids wear something handmade every day for the month of June. There will be a weekly linky and maybe some giveaways.It is similar to the Made Be Me series from So Zoe but this is for kids only. It will be an incentive to get us to make sure our kids actually wear what we make them! It's often too easy to just throw some thing bought on sale from Target on our kids because we don't want them to mess up or stain the clothes we worked so hard making for them.  Before you know it they have outgrown their handmade clothing you worked so hard on! Stay tuned for more info and buttons.

In other non sewing news I am going to Japan on Monday and have been trying to get our stuff ready as well as planning Easter dinner, and the requisite Easter Egg hunt.
 I am so excited to be seeing Japan during cherry blossom season. I love Japan and this is my second trip there. My husband and son are going and we will  be backpacking around. No reservations! My favorite way to travel. The last time I went there was four years ago. I took my two daughters and we spent a month traveling through Thailand and Japan. It was a trip of a lifetime. I'm a strange person in that I love traveling with little kids.So traveling with my guys will be new for me!
You can bet I will spend my last day in Tokyo checking out fabric and Zakka shops. Stay tuned for my blog about Japanese sewing stuff . In the meanwhile, I have some posts scheduled while I will be gone.
Sorry I won't be doing any features today. I'm fighting a cold and a pretty tired tonight.
Let's see what stuff you made this week!
 Have a Blessed Easter and  if you are Jewish, a nice Passover!


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  1. Have so much fun in Japan! So jealous that you get to visit Japanese sewing stores...their notions are the best!

  2. Have fun in Japan with the family! I visited once while on a mission trip, then spent a week on the beautiful island of Okinawa...Japan is truly a breathtaking country!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. Crap, I missed the Mad Men sewalong? I just figured out what I was going to make! haha! Story of my life...

  4. No chickens this week? You dying their eggs or leaving them just the way the Good Lord dyed them? I wish I could get away with wearing pajamas everywhere...but I only say that because I am sleepy and need a nap and the thought of jammies makes me want to close my eyes.
    Please be careful overseas. I will pray for you all.
    Happy Easter!

  5. Enjoy your trip to Japan. I've never been there, but one of the yarns I like to knit with is Noro yarn. It's from Japan :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of CAlifornia, Heather :)

  6. Your june challenge sounds exciting! I so want to be part of that, i better start sewing more :)

  7. Japan, that's awesome!

    I'm totally in for the 'My Mommy Made This' group!!

  8. Hi Justine! Your June challenge sounds fun. It made me wonder how much stuff I've made for my daughter and if we could pull it off. After PR&P and KCWC, I might be close!! :) Have a great time in Japan! We're going this summer, so let me know if there are any must visit places/stores in terms of fabric!

  9. Wow!I've never been to Japan before.You really have a nice experience there!


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