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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peasant Bias Cut Blouse Spring Top Sew a Long Entry #3


The Spring Top Sew- A- Long going on over at Made By Rae has inspired me to make some everyday blouses for spring and summer.
This is the third top I have made in the last two weeks. I draped it directly to my dress form. Pin, cut, baste. Pin some more, cut, baste. It's my favorite way to design clothes. Numbers and flat pattern making I don't enjoy!
I needed some practical pieces so this challenge is perfect. This past year I have made a lot of dresses.  I made dresses for me,  for my girls, and some for my vintage fashion show . The truth is, I usually  throw my jeans on for most  everyday dressing so these tops will definitely get worn! 
I do get some stares around this podunk town when I show up at the grocery store in one of my handmade dresses. Seriously, this is the type of place wear people wear their pajamas to run errands in. I was at Mass the other day and someone showed up in their PJ's. The priest got pretty upset about it and ended up giving the crowd a lecture about the importance of wearing appropriate clothing to church. I was like,"Go Father! "

I wanted a peasant style blouse, but nothing boxy. If you are on the busty side, peasant blouses hang down from the bust giving a puffy appearance to the tummy and making the wearer look fatter. And no one likes that!

 I made a seam under the bust to make the area under the bust more fitted.
It's cut on the bias so it drapes nicely.
This is the third blouse I am entering in the Sew- a- long.
My Granny chic blouse  made from the Burdastyle Handbook was the first entry...

This was my second top, the Birdy Top made from McCall's 5576 which was featured in the week one final vote on Wednesday. 

By the way, my daughter told me today that no one says the word "blouse" anymore. 
That's the first I have heard of that!
There is nothing like having a teenager to make you feel like a complete dork!



  1. Very flattering blouse, Justine!!! Love the style and the fabric. My daughter replies to me frequently... What's a blouse? It's a shirt or a top

  2. love the top (see did not say blouse!) I like how it is simple, but fitted and not just your average t! and I agree with you about the pajamas in public.. what the heck? but in church? My folks would have strangled me! And don't get me started about the whole pants half way down the backside so you can see the underwear....ugh!!

  3. Blouse, blouse,'s a good word! Especially because we don't want to be teenagers we want to be women...women who wear blouses! :)

  4. I remember laughing at my mother for saying "slacks" when she meant pants / trousers. Now as karmic retribution, I'm sure my daughter will laugh at me for saying blouse!

    And pjs to church?! I thought wearing them to the store or when travelling by plane was bad enough.....

  5. Very pretty blouse! (Yep, I use that word too.) You did an excellent job drafting it.

    Pjs to church!? I don't even know what to say to that...!

  6. This is so pretty! You did a great job. A dress form is on my wish list, though I'm not sure I have room for it...

  7. Ha ha! That's funny! I never said blouse ever until I started sewing. It did always sound out of date to me, but I guess now I am out of date :)Yours is very cute! I really like how it is fitted, as it is the baggy midsection that often keeps me from liking this style. You solved that.

  8. 1st...your Priest is AWESOME! 2nd...Blouse sounds more classy than "shirt". 3rd..I wouldn't take speech advice from a teenager...they say "thang" instead if "thing" and other such nonsense. :o)

  9. 1st...your Priest is AWESOME! 2nd...Blouse sounds more classy than "shirt". 3rd..I wouldn't take speech advice from a teenager...they say "thang" instead if "thing" and other such nonsense. :o)

  10. It looks really lovely! The fabric is perfect! Great job on all your tops/blouses. So far I only have one entry done for the Spring Top Sewalong. I need to get going!

  11. Great blouse. Empire cuts are so flattering always. That fabric is great.

  12. this blouse is really pretty! i always use blouse :) they used blouse in 1932 why not now?

  13. Really pretty "blouse"! Just curious, did your daughter tell you what everyone is calling a blouse nowadays? That's so funny!

  14. @Beth..
    She said shirt so I told her a "shirt" is supposed to have buttons down the front. 

  15. I say blouse and your blouse is very pretty. Also, the pjs at the grocery store is one of my pet peeves. I also don't think that just because someone is wearing leggings and a long blouse, it makes the blouse a dress! Especially not one modest enough for church! Good for your Priest! He rocks. You can tell him your blog followers agree with him!

  16. Oooh, your latest peasant blouse is just divine Justine! I think the fitted element of it is so flattering.

  17. Hi Justine: Love your tops. They look great on you.
    Thanks for having me to the party.
    Happy Easter!

  18. I am glad it isn't only Kiwi teens that have a hangup about the word "blouse". My daughter doesn't like that word either. My mother always said, men wear shirts, women wear blouses!


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