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Friday, April 13, 2012

Raising Chickens 101 Good Breeds For The Beginner

Chicken breeds
There are over 400 breeds of chickens!
hi everyone! I am on vacation in Tokyo right now! It is raining outside but we are going to the fish market anyway to have sushi for breakfast! Then on to Nippori to buy fabric. I love Japan! Anyway, I prepared a post for you for my chicken series before I left and here it is: Here are the most recommended breeds for the person who wants to get started with raising chickens for eggs. These chickens are also easy to find locally and have good attitudes in general!:

White Leghorn
White leghorns- These are the best egg layers.

Araucanas or Eater eggers lay bluish green eggs.

Orpingtons known for gentleness and large brown eggs.


Wyandotte have a pretty lacy pattern on the breast, are super friendly and good layers. They are also known for broodiness,which means they make good mama hens!

Rhode Island Red are a common breed that are good layers and broody as well.

Heritage Chickens
You may have heard of this type of chicken.
Heritage breeds are historic breeds that are in danger of becoming extinct ,like heirloom vegetables, due to industrial farming practices.
Keep these breeds from becoming extinct and shrinking the gene pool of chickens by raising some.
You can find a list of heritage breeds online and there are special hatcheries you can order them from.

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  1. Fascinating read...I'm filing this away just in case our municipality ever decides to let us surburban home owners have chickens in the backyard.

  2. Love this post! We have buff orpintgtons and a silver laced wyandotte. I would add to your list plymouth rock barred. Ours is the most level headed and friendliest of all our hens, and thus she is their queen haha. :)

  3. Those are some beautiful breeds of chickens. That orpington is a roly poly beautiful chicken...but I love that ;) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. Oh my word, you are buying fabric in Japan! Forget the chickens, (although it was very informative) but I can't get past the fabric comment! Hello Japanese Zakka books and bag magazines. Bag patterns! LINENS! Beam me over. Janelle

  5. HA! Love love love chickens. That retro tea towel jumper was KYOOOOOT!!!

  6. I am so excited I found your website today... I love to sew, when we buy a house one day I would for it to be an old farmhouse (though my hubby doesn't seem to want to do any reno/updating), and at the very least, I want to have some land so I can garden and have chickens! Glad I found this particular post! I also want alpacas... but I think you are going to be my inspiration for... well, everything now!


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