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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sew & Tell Saturday April 21

Welcome to Sew & Tell Saturday!
I should be at the SNAP Bloggers Conference in Salt Lake City as you read this on Saturday.
 Actually as I write this, it's 3:50 AM in the morning on Thursday. I got back from Japan yesterday and although we had a fantastic time, I am suffering from some terrible jet lag and don't feel like going anywhere! But I already bought the tickets months ago and will try to get at least an hour of two of sleep. I'm anxious about leaving my two year old again as last week was the first time I had been anywhere without her for more than one night. I hope I am not a total zombie at the conference. I know I will have some serious bags under my eyes. Oh gosh! Of course,what the heck am I complaining about? A cool trip like that is totally worth a couple of days of feeling like crap!
Something I am excited about is that I am going to be staying with fellow blogger Lady Danbury from the Thinking In Shapes blog and have been looking forward to meeting her in person. I just I hope I don't fall asleep as soon as I get to her place! Oh well, hope for the best and expect the worst, right?
 I am looking forward to meeting Lady Danbury, designer extaordinaire, and her cool vintage barber shop owning husband and I will be sharing a post about her work next week on the blog as well as a post about the SNAP conference. There will be some blogging big shots from the DIY blogging scene there and the schedule sounds really interesting.
So  I haven't done any sewing but I did do plenty of fabric shopping in Tokyo and if you haven't read my previous post about shopping in Tokyo, you can check it out here.
But what have you been up to? Post away my fellow blogistas and blog men if you are out there!


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  1. Wow. I had no idea this SNAP conference was going on in my own backyard! Oh well, maybe next year. Let us know what you learned.

    While you are in the area, if you have time, go downtown and see the new City Creek Center. Also, it doesn't matter a person's religion, you must see the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Sunday morning with Music and the Spoken Word on historic Temple Square. Just a few blocks away is the historic Cathedral of the Madeline. Beautiful. A drive through the canyons is lovely too. Enjoy your stay!

  2. Hope you have a great time at the conference!

  3. Have a fun time at that conference. Make sure to get some sleep, though :) :) ;Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. Here's wishing you extra energy for absorbing more fun at the Snap Conference!
    <3 Christina

  5. a super busy Mom, hope you manage to enjoy it. You're doing a fab job here!!


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