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Monday, February 20, 2012

So Scrappy Lampshade

this is a scrap busting project fun for kids to make. 
A lampshade made from strips of fabric.
How to make it?
Remove the fabric from an old lampshade.
Tie strips of fabric around each section.
Easy Peasy!
My 16 year old daughter made this for her room and I love it!
I have to say that this isn't my original project. I saw it on a blog in the days before I started pinning.In searching for the source I found several more.Doesn't it stink when you find out lots of others have already done your project? Creative ideas are often that way. I call it the collective creative conscience.
If someone knows of the same tutorial can you send me the link so I can post it here?
Have a crafty week!
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  1. Wow! It looks great! I like that you can put lots of scraps on to get a tight fit but that it looks casual with fewer scraps. I love this! I am definitely using up some fat quarters that have been laying around to do this to one of my lamps.

  2. Certainly this is a very useful way to harness all that remains of cloth spread around the sewing room, thanks for sharing.

  3. You have inspired me! I love this lampshade and know of a few that I have that could use a makeover like this - thank you!

    I started a new link party just for rustic and shabby chic projects and would love to have you share this -

  4. OMG...Love this. You have so many great projects Justine! Pinning this!


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