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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sew & Tell Saturday 2/11

Welcome to Sew & Tell Saturday!
Sorry I can't have any featured projects this week. My internet has been down and I had to drive to my dad'd house to use his.So sadly,I have a photo free post today.
But I do have two things to share that inspired me today:

1. I took Lily to see the film Hugo. I was mesmerized the entire time. If you haven't seen it yet, please do as it won't be in theatres too much longer. A little orphan boy lives inside a Paris train station and discovers a magical world through his penchant for fixing clocks and machinery when he meets an old toy merchant with a secret past. The set design alone is worth going to see and it makes me remember why Paris is my most favorite city in the world! We both enjoyed the film so much and the 3D was so well done.
2. I discovered Molly Makes magazine today! A British sewing and craft magazine, I found myself thinking this magazine was made for me! I was surprised to find it at the bookstore as we don't get too many foreign magazines outside of LA. I think I like it even better than Marie Claire Idees, my other favorite craft magazine which is French. 

So are you ready to show off your sewing projects this week?
Now, if you've been to this party before you can skip this boring part, but if you haven't, read on!
Link the post of your project in the InLinkz form and not your blog homepage. Please leave a link back to this blog by copying my party badge html below to your post or sidebar or party page so others can find out about the party.
And please do visit a blog or two here and leave a comment. To you non blogging readers out there, we love comments!
And I love new Followers and FB likes of course! Don't you? You know you do!
If you don't have anything new you are welcome to dig back in your blog and sometimes everything old is new again, right? Like high waisted jeans! As long as we haven't seen it yet.
Thanks for participating.


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  1. Oh, we loved Hugo too! I thought it was aesthetically magical and quite breathtaking, and I loved learning a little bit more about film history. The only sour note was Sacha Baron Cohen.


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